Miley Cyrus shows off 'baby bump' in new picture, sending fans, and probably Liam, into a frenzy

Miley Cyrus shows off 'baby bump' in new picture, sending fans, and probably Liam, into a frenzy

Miley Cyrus posted a picture on Instagram showing off a 'pregnant' belly. Is she pregnant? Is this her 'Thanksgiving' gift to Liam Hemsworth?

Since Miley Cyrus got back together with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth last year, the duo has maintained a certain mystery about their marital status. We know that they are engaged, and we know that they may forgo a big wedding – but did they really elope? 

Miley cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
"My little angel and I." (Instagram)

Miley and Liam have been very expressive about their love for each other. Thanksgiving this year also happens to be Miley's birthday and the Malibu singer revealed Liam's adorable gift for her via Twitter.


With a rainbow necklace that reads "Lili", her nickname for Liam, he totall won his fiancé's heart. They already have a farm-load of pets, but with so much love between the two, do they have any more to share with, say, a new baby?  

Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus beach
"Happy valentines 🌹" (Instagram)

Miley shared a photo of herself on the day before Thanksgiving aka her 25th birthday. However, the photo got more publicity than Miley would have expected, thanks to the bumpy look of her stomach in the photo.

Thanksgiving is the festival that celebrates family, friends and a whole lot of food. From Turkey to pie, there is whole bunch of food to gorge on during the holidays, and it is natural that you would gain a few pounds and find your tummy bloated.   


BIG dress in celebration of a BIG night for #TeamMiley 💕💕💕 wish me and my girls luck !

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But, you would not expect high-profile celebrities such as Miley to have the same problems as we do in life. This is why when Miley shared a photo of herself just a day prior to Thanksgiving, and her stomach looked bigger than it usually does, all fans jumped to a clearly same conclusion – Miley is pregnant.

Miley Cyrus pink dress The Voice
"💕💕💕💕💕 @nbcthevoice Thanks for a great 1st Live round! #TeamMiley" (Instagram)

Fans went crazy. They alluded to Miley's baggy pink dress that she wore on the latest episode of The Voice to confirm this theory. Miley is trying to hide her bump, claimed rumor mills. Here is how come of her fans responded to her photo.







However, Miley thought it was rude that her holiday look was the root cause of these rumors. The vegan star clarified that it was not a baby in her belly, but a "sh*t ton of tufurkey". 


Miley also received birthday love received her family and friends.




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