Meghan Markle just broke another royal style taboo, and we're wondering what's next

Meghan Markle just broke another royal style taboo, and we're wondering what's next

In Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent public appearance, the actress broke another style taboo and made a fashion statement doing so.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not like the usual royal couple and their public appearances along with their plans for the wedding are a perfect example of that. Right from sharing a candid picture from their engagement shoot to not being afraid of holding hands in the public, Prince Harry and Meghan have already set themselves apart from the usual royal family norms. 

Meghan Markle opts for a messy while as she steps away from the royal look (Pinterest/ Getty Images)

Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan made an appearance at Reprezent 107.3FM and while the couple looked comfortable with having each other around, there was one thing that stood out for Meghan and that was her choice of hairstyle. The Suits actress was spotted rocking a messy bun and one could see the reflection of that laid-back California girl which Meghan was before moving to the UK permanently. 

When one takes a look back at the hairstyle which is usually carried by the women in the royal family, you would notice that the messy buns were far from their dictionary. For instance, Kate Middleton is often spotted looking her elegant self while wearing the classic chignon. The chignon is the classy look which allows the hair to be arranged in a proper knot while allowing the hair proper volume. 

In fact, Kate is so particular about her hair that she is often seen wearing a hairnet to keep her updo in place. This allows the Duchess of Cambridge to be picture perfect whenever she is spotted outside.

Meanwhile, Kate is also known for her signature blowout hair while Meghan usually just lets her hair down and let them take their own course. 

Kate is usually spotted with her signature blowout hairstyle while Meghan tends to let her hair down (Getty/Pinterest)

There is no doubt that Kate and Meghan are completely different but we don't think Kate will mind taking a tip or two from Meghan when it comes to fashion. The duo sure does have a lot of time to exchange their thoughts about fashion in the coming days. Back in 2016, Kate was listed as one of the most influential style icons. This has also made it possible for many of her outfits to be sold out immediately. 

But looks like Meghan is not far behind. Recently, the actress has been the center of attention in various events where her fashion sense and attitude is put on a test. We sure do think that Meghan has managed to ace it as she has carried herself gracefully through all the public appearances. One thing that sets Kate and Meghan apart is their thought on fashion itself. 

While Kate is known for dressing in high street fashion, Meghan enjoys wearing her branded clothes.

In fact, one could find Kate repeating her outfit, something, which you may not really see when it comes to the clothes that Meghan chooses to wear. 

Meghan and Kate rocked the perfect red dress but the two had their own idea of fashion attached to it (Pinterest)

It could be said that Kate is more of a conservative person while Meghan is upbeat and trendy. However, being conservative does not stop the Duchess from looking flawless as she manages to hit the fashion mark on point. For instance, the two were spotted rocking a red dress and looking marvelous while doing so but the texture and design of their outfits speak volume. 

Kate relied on the asymmetric neckline along with a red cloth and Meghan, on the other hand, opted for a for a V-neck line which she paired along with a black bag. However, it can be said that Meghan is bringing a fresh outlook as she plans on entering the royal family. In fact, Ingrid Seward, author of My Husband & I, a new biography of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, says that the royal family is bending its rules as they prepare to welcome Meghan to the family. 

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