Meghan Markle breaks yet another royal protocol just months before the wedding

Meghan Markle breaks yet another royal protocol just months before the wedding

Meghan Markle broke another royal protocol in her latest visit and it was probably the sweetest moment one could capture of Meghan with a fan.

Meghan Markle will officially become part of the royal family when she marries Prince Harry on May 19 but it looks like she is all set to have her own rules and choose emotions over the protocols. On Wednesday (February 14), the royal couple visited Edinburg and were greeted warmly by everyone there. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle salute the crowd as they arrive at Edinburgh Castle  (Photo by Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

During this, Meghan met Social Bite cofounder Alice Thompson and rather than settling for a handshake, as the protocol requires her to do with everyone she meets, Meghan went in and greeted her with a warm hug. According to Popsugar, the royal protocol states that the members of the royal family must restrict themselves to a handshake while meeting others. 

However, Meghan is not the only one who has broken the royal protocol when it comes to thinking things with heart. There is no doubt that Alice was filled with emotions when Meghan decided to hug her and in an interview with Daily Mail, she even spoke about Prince Harry and Meghan being down to earth. 

Recalling her meeting with Meghan, Alice told Daily Mail, "It was pretty lovely. I was so taken with her. I told her that as a woman in business who had lived in the shadow of my male business partner for several years due to my own insecurities about my own ability to compete or perform, I found her speech she made in 2015 to the UN inspirational and motivating and that it encouraged me to speak up a bit more and be a girl boss."

Meghan Markle hugging Alice during her royal visit (Twitter)

In response to this, Meghan opened up a"bout her feelings when she had to give the speech. "She seemed really touched and a tad emotional," she said. She said that she was really nervous to give that speech and that it meant a lot to her that it had inspired me to continue going with something like Social Bite." 

Alice how revealed how Meghan was extremely casual and made her feel comfortable when the two had been talking. "At that point inside the sho, she gave me a little cuddle, a little sideways squeeze," she said. "Then outside the shop, I went to shake her hand and she nudged it out of the way and embraced me with a cuddle. It was definitely not out of the blue. It was a continuation of what happened inside."

She also added that she "wouldn't know about any of the other Royals, but they were much more down to earth than I imagined." Even though Meghan is a few months away from being part of the royal family member, she has already managed to win the hearts of many.

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