Marilyn Manson was performing Live in New York, and decided to climb up a prop, what happened next...shocked everyone

Marilyn Manson was performing Live in New York, and decided to climb up a prop, what happened next...shocked everyone

Marilyn Manson was winning the hearts of his fans at his New York concert as part of his ongoing tour. The singer was performing some of his hit singles at the do, but the event took a tragic turn when a scaffolding fell on Manson, injuring him badly. 

The incident took place while Manson was performing his hit song, a cover of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams. Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, was rushed to the hospital after a pair of huge prop guns fell on him during the performance. 

The incident took place when Manson was performing at NYC

Images and videos suggest that the singer was trying to climb up the guns during the performance before the entire thing fell on him. People quickly rushed to help the singer as the prop was lying on top of him. 

In the video, one can see that Manson fell to the ground in a near unconscious condition. Fans who were present in the event claim that after the incident, Manson lay on the ground for nearly 15 minutes before he was taken to the hospital. 

Manson was performing his song Sweet Dreams when the props fell on top of him

He was trying to climb the prop when the incident took place

An eyewitness told BBC that Manson was covered in a black sheet before he was taken away on a stretcher. The eyewitness further added that Manson was "pretty limp, almost as though he was unconscious."

A representative of Manson told Rolling Stone,  "He was treated for the injury at a local hospital and will be recuperating at home in Los Angeles." The source, however, did not make it clear if Manson has left the hospital yet. 

At first, people thought that it was all part of the performance 

Later, crew members came to help the singer and he was taken on a stretcher

At first, the crowd thought that it was all part of the performance and kept cheering for Manson to get back on his feet, but quickly realized that the singer was in fact injured as he was unable to get up by himself and needed help from the crew. 

Eyewitnesses also said how they "freaked out" when they saw Manson's condition. So far, there has not been any official statement made regarding the incident. 

The rest of the concert was canceled 

The tour will be rescheduled

The rest of the concert was called off as Manson was unable to return to the concert. The 48-year-old artiste was three dates into his The Heaven Upside Down Tour. As for the other nine tour dates which the singer had lined up, the representative added, "The shows from Boston, October 2 through Houston, October 14 will be rescheduled for a later date. Manson hopes to return to the stage soon, more details on upcoming shows to follow."

These shows include Huntington, N.Y., Toronto, Camden, N.J., Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, Milwaukee and Kansas City. If all holds to form, Manson would resume the tour Oct. 15 in Grand Prairie, Texas at the Freakers Ball.

Manson's guitarist Tyler Bates wrote on Instagram that the tour was "on pause for a minute" but "Manson will be back in action soon". 

Below is the video of the incident 

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