Kylie Jenner needs compassion not spite, and Wendy Williams needs to know better | OPINION

Kylie Jenner needs compassion not spite, and Wendy Williams needs to know better | OPINION

Wendy Williams's comment about mom-to-be Kylie Jenner is everything that's wrong the industry's obsession with looks. It's a pregnant 20-yr-old we are talking about

'Let me tell you something, you can do whatever you want to yourself, but the baby is still going to look like the old you... just saying." — Wendy Williams

Kylie Jenner might have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It doesn't help that she says things that feed the troll and lacks her elder sister's tact to handle the media, either. However, does that give Wendy, who is three decades older, the right to make such a personal attack on a pregnant Kylie? Definitely not.

Kylie Jenner has been vocal about her negative body image and insecurities. Source: Getty

Having grown up in front of the camera since age nine, Kylie has not only had her share of self-doubt and body-image issues, but she has also admitted publicly that her insecurities have led her to make some mistakes that she regrets. The biggest of them being using lip fillers—a decision that haunts her to date through memes, hurtful comments, and media probing her with endless questions.

Whether Kylie's story about how a boy's remark about her thin lips made her take the decision is true or not, it says a lot about the insecurities the then-teenager had nursed. She has also gone on record and shared how much she struggled with a negative body having grown up in front of the camera and admitted that she finds herself less desirable when compared to her sister, Kim, whom she considers her idol. 

Tyga, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Carine Roitfeld at a Fashion Show. Source: Getty

Given that we have a 20-year-old child star, who admits having grown up with severe self-esteem issues, and whose life and emotions were out for display as entertainment for the public, Wendy's savage attack on Kylie's appearance is not only wrong and of poor taste, but highly detrimental to all the body-positivity measures that celebs and individuals are advocating everywhere.

To top it, the victim of this vindictive attack is a pregnant woman. Irrespective of her age and the decisions she had made in her personal life, she deserves the respect and support that every mom-to-be deserves. 

Kylie was a teenager when Kim was body-shamed during her first pregnancy; an event that affected Kylie a lot. Source: Getty

News about the younger Jenner sister opting to be in a self-imposed exile to avoid the media and the "body shaming" she fears will come along with it is sure to have reached Wendy's gossip-prone ears. Why then would she go on to make such a nasty statement, not just about Kylie but her unborn child?

Kylie Jenner with Kris Jenner and Kim Kadarshian

Sources state that Kylie has been struggling with anxiety since her pregnancy because it reminds her of the time Kim was body-shamed incessantly when she was carrying her first child. Kylie was an impressionable teenager when she saw how insensitive people could be. If what sources say about Kylie's anxiety are true, then that makes Kylie's fears an actual phobia or anxiety disorder. And what does that make Wendy? A heartless and tasteless body-shamer who cannot draw the line between entertainment and personal attack. 

Wendy also commented that Kylie looked more 35 than 20 (Source: Getty) 

What is hard to comprehend though is Wendy herself has spoken about her "tortured childhood" where she was body-shamed and how people questioning her gender —whether she really was a woman — has hurt her. Here's what she had to say about her own experiences.

"I didn't grow up the popular girl or the popular cheerleader. I've never been to a prom [and] I didn't have a lot of boyfriends, so I'm used to being on this side of life."

If you really knew what it is to be on this side of life, you'd know what it would feel like to fear stepping out in public or being shamed for your appearance. 

Wendy had spoken about her own experience as a victim of body shaming

Also Wendy, in 2014, had opened about her tortured childhood: "I was tortured, they fat shamed me ... So, I want to talk about growing up. I want to answer the big question about the boobs. People know they are breast implants, but a lot of people, I read and see, say 'You've lost so much weight now, you need a breast reduction.' I will answer you straight and direct, if you are in Vegas."

Why then, Wendy, would you make it your business to talk about a 20-year-old mom-to-be and how her unborn child would turn out to look? If you really want to talk about growing up, you got to think about what you say (on screen and in person) about someone 30 years younger, who's already facing insecurities about her body when she is expecting a baby. Just saying.

It' sure is time to talk about growing up, Wendy (Source: Getty)

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