Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian throw back to back baby showers

The reality star has never denied nor admitted to those baby rumors but the recent celebration that Kylie had at her house makes it look like she is expecting a baby girl.

There have been several reports suggesting that the youngest Jenner is pregnant with her first child and even though she hasn't denied or accepted these claims, she sure has given her fans several hints on social media about it. Kylie, who is dating Travis Scott, is reportedly due in February. 

Kylie and Travis Source: Facebook

Recently, some of the pictures that were taken at Kylie's house showed the 20-year-old hosting her very own fete. But what caught our attention was the theme of the entire event. Kylie was spotted wearing pink pajamas while her entire backyard had been decorated with pink flowers. 

Kylie's bridal shower; Source: Instagram

This came just a day after Kim Kardashian threw her baby shower at her California home. Kim and Kanye are expecting their third child via surrogacy, in December. According to Daily Mail, Kim was also present at Kylie's gathering along with her other family members. 

Kim's bridal shower; Source: Instagram

Kylie's entire backyard was covered with beautiful arrangements that included a bar and a big light-pink tent. At the same time, there were several white tables that had been decorated with pink flowers. To top it all, her entire swimming pool had been covered with pink flowers. 

Source: Instagram

A source close to the reality star told People magazine that the theme of Kylie's party was “pajama party.” Kim had a similar theme back in 2015 for her baby shower when she was expecting her second child, Saint. Another source also told the magazine that Kylie had been planning this for a long time. 

Source: Twitter

Kim's baby shower party had been a last minute thing. However, Kylie, who's known for updating her social media every now and then, decided to keep her party exclusive and kept the guest list limited to the people who are close to her. 

Source: Instagram

There have been various instances where people have tried to guess whether Kylie was having a baby girl. Many of her fans speculated that Kylie was trying to reveal the gender in a series of snaps that she had been sharing over a period of time. 

Source: Twitter

The first instance where people guessed that Kylie may be having a baby girl was when she shared a picture of her wearing pink butterfly rings on her fingers. In her snap, she revealed that she was about to have a photoshoot which she was really excited about. 

Source: Snapchat


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