Kim Kardashian has been accused of copying Beyonce...again!

Kim Kardashian has been accused of copying Beyonce...again!

Kim Kardashian just released the photos from her new photoshoot and looks like it is already under a lot of attention for being copied by Beyonces photoshoot.

Kim Kardashian is the queen of photoshoots but this time, the reality star has found herself in a bit of trouble as she has been blamed of posing for a photo shoot that looks exactly like the one Beyonce did way back in 2013. Beyonce had posed in the same way as part of a photo shoot for the Flaunt magazine. 

Kim was blamed for being a copycat for her latest photoshoot; Pinterest

Meanwhile, Kim had taken the photo to promote her new KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams highlighters and glosses. In the picture, Kim is completely nude and is covered in gold glitter all over her body while posing against a silver surface. 

People believed she copied Beyonce's photo shoot; Instagram

On the other hand, Beyonce's picture showed similar features as her naked body too was covered in gold glitter while posing against a silver surface as a backdrop. At the same time, Beyonce also had a ton of makeup with her hair pulled back to put more focus on her face. 

Beyonce took the picture for a photoshoot she did for Flaunt magazine; Pinterest

There is a possibility that Kim was inspired by Beyonce's photoshoot and wanted to recreate it. However, Kim did not care to address the growing question about her copying Beyonce yet again and focused more on promoting the cosmetics. 

Kim took the tie to promote her latest collection of cosmetics; Instagram

Kim captioned the picture as, "Ultralight Beams powders & gloss duo for $32 or the whole collection for $160 is launching at 12 pm PST this Friday, Dec 1st exclusively at" It is interesting to think that Kim would copy Beyonce knowing that the two are not fond of each other. 

Kim K and Beyonce have been sparking rumors about feud; Facebook

There have been a number of instances when the two have made headlines for copying each other's style while not wanting to share the company with each other. Their feud dates back to 2012 when Media Take Out reported that Beyonce and Jay Z were going out of their way to avoid the new couple, Kim and Kanye. 

Various reports claims that the two do not get along; Facebook

The magazine cited an instance when Kim and Kanye had been present at a dinner for Knicks player Carmelo Anthony where Jay Z and Beyonce refused to enter the place until the duo were long gone. Later, in 2012, it was reported by New York Daily News that Kim was flying to London to see Kanye. 

It was during this visit that Kim and Kanye, along with Jay Z and Beyonce watched the Watch the Throne show. The report also claimed that during this get-together, Kim was trying her best to do whatever she could to get close to Beyonce. 

Kim tried to spend time with Beyonce in order to make amends; Facebook

The rumors about their feud started to grow stronger when both couples attended BET Awards and while Kanye and Jay Z sat next to each other, enjoying the show, Kim and Beyonce decided to sit away from each other, minding their own business. 

The four attended BETA awards together but Kim and Beyonce did not interact; Facebook

After a couple of months, Kim and Beyonce appeared at the America Festival and according to multiple sources, the two were not interested in engaging in a conversation with each other. A source told the New York Times Daily that throughout the event the two "Kim and Beyoncé barely spoke to each other" and watched the show from the opposite sides of the stage.

In various events, Beyonce and Kim looked away and did not try to acknowledge each other; Facebook

The source continued, "Beyoncé didn't even acknowledge [Kim] was there until the concert was almost over." Similarly, the source says Kim "didn't make efforts to speak to Beyoncé either." It was also reported that when Kim invited Beyonce to her baby shower, Queen Bee was nowhere to be seen. 

Beyonce was also absent from Kim's baby shower; Facebook

Even on the day Kim and Kanye got married, Jay Z was expected to be the Best Man and while everyone close to the couple had been present, Jay Z and Beyonce were no-shows at the event. It came as a surprise to everyone because the brotherly bond between Kanye and Jay Z had always been strong, but it made people wonder if the feud between Kim and Beyonce had something to do with it.

Kim was blamed for copying Beyonce's Met Gala style; Facebook

Meanwhile, At the 2015 Met Gala, Kim Kardashian wore a Roberto Cavalli crystal and feathered number for the event and fans were quick to point out that the look seemed to be quite similar to the one Beyonce's  2012 Met Gala look. However, this time, Kim did address the issue and said the inspiration was fellow Armenian Cher. 

Beyonce with daughter Blue Ivy Carter, Kim Kardashian with daughter North West; Facebook

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