Kim Kardashian gets into petty Instagram spat with Lindsay Lohan over new hairstyle

Kim Kardashian gets into petty Instagram spat with Lindsay Lohan over new hairstyle

A few months ago, everyone was confused when Lindsay Lohan spoke at the opening of a new Greek nightclub and sounded half-British and half-American. Now Kim K is asking the same question, but why?

Kim Kardashian just debuted her new look: platinum cornrows inspired by Bo Derek. You will remember that the caucasian American actress had silver cornrows in her 1979 film, Comedy 10 and looked sexy while posing on the beach. Kim, as always, nailed the look and dripped with sultriness as she showed off her curves on the beach just like Bo did more than three decades ago.

Kim Kardashian recreated Bo Derek's cornrows. Source: Twitter
Bo Derek in her 1979 film, Comedy 10. Source: Twitter
Kim Kardashian posed on the beach in a sultry two piece. Source: Twitter

As is usual with everything that Kim does, the world of social media had a strong reaction to her cornrows. People on Twitter attacked her for cultural appropriation and for not respecting African-American culture. This was quite strange because Kim has always been respectful. She apologized to fans who thought she did a "black face" while promoting KKW Beauty. 

Kim posted this picture on Instagram. Source: Instagram


Kim has been experimenting with her style. Source: Instagram







This time around though, Kim's not entertaining negativity and just wants to enjoy everything that's sexy about the cornrows and her sexy swimsuit. So that's why she tweeted to all her fans on Twitter, "Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks."  


To the world, that tweet captured Kim's frustration but it looked like one person didn't quite get it. Just when Perez Hilton posted a picture of Kim with cornrows and asked fans for their opinion, Lindsay Lohan commented, "I'm confused." And Kim came for her. Kanye West's wife said, "@linsdaylohan you know what’s confusing…..your sudden foreign accent."



To be fair, Lindsay has been living in London for the past four years and in her own words, she's been learning so many different languages. The Parent Trap star told Daily Mail that she herself is quite confused by her accent because its infused with English, French, Russian, Turkish, Italian and Arabic.


This rather strange and bizarre accent was first unveiled to the world when the former child star spoke at the opening of a Greek nighclub in London in October 2017. Unsurprisingly, it drove several discussions on how Lindsay spoke earlier and how her accent has changed after her move to London.  




Kim, the queen of social media, hasn't forgotten this discussion so she added to it as well. If Kim's going down for her cornrows then suffice it to say that she'll take some people along with her. 

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