Khloe Kardashian used this superb strategy to keep everyone guessing about her pregnancy

Khloe Kardashian used this superb strategy to keep everyone guessing about her pregnancy

There were always rumors about Khloe being pregnant but never did she once let her baby bump be seen and it is quite admirable.

There had been many rumors surrounding Khloe's pregnancy but it wasn't until later that the reality star came forward and revealed the big news. Until the big announcement was made, everyone was finding it hard to believe that she was pregnant as her confidence made us believe that it may all just be rumors. 

She believes confidence is the key to everything (Twitter)

Recently, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian (KUWTK) opened up about how she was able to keep her pregnancy a secret on her website. To begin with, Khloe herself was surprised that she was able to keep her pregnancy a secret for so long. The Good American founder decided to make the big announcement when she was six months into the pregnancy. 

However, in order to make sure that no one finds out what she has been hiding, Khloe did have to put in efforts of her own. Right from deciding what to wear to how to wear, Khloe gave it all to ensure that she gets the privacy that she needs. “It took a few styling sessions, serious strategy and a shit-ton of courage, but it worked!” she wrote. There is no doubt that all this would not have been possible if she did not have that extra pair of accessories to style her clothes with. 

Some of the things that Khloe feels extremely happy about having in her wardrobe are large, oversized coats, and massive bags, which she was able to pair with her dresses and sometimes, thigh length boots. Even though some speculated that Khloe might be hiding the bump behind these clothes, she did not let her confidence give it away. 

She used bags and oversized clothes to hide her baby bump (Twitter)

“I had already let the cat outta the bag when I wore this Whyte Studio coat, but I’ve worn a million versions of it in the last six months,” she added. In fact, Khloe made it a point that she did not step out of the house without her comfy coats. “I almost never left home without one! So comfy—and zero eyes on the bump," Khloe wrote. One event during which everyone's eyes were on Khloe was when she attended Kim's baby shower. 

Kim had thrown a baby shower in order to celebrate having another addition to their family. During this period, eagle-eyed fans were waiting to catch a glimpse of Kylie and Khloe. Even though Kylie was not present at the event, Khloe did not hesitate to show off her girly side. She decided to go with a blue flair dress and stole the event. Not only did she manage to hide her bump, but she also made a style statement. 

"I went super girly for Kim’s baby shower. Little did everyone know I had a bun in my oven, too!" she wrote. Her selection of dress for the evening was made in such a way that the design of the dress would not hint at her growing baby bump. 

She uses huge curls to keep eyes away from her growing baby bump (Instagram)

"A cinched waist with a flared, A-line hem is so $$$ for hiding a small bulge. It flows loosely at the exact right spot,” Khloe explained. Fortunately for the Revenge Body star, she does not have to hide her baby bump anymore. After announcing her pregnancy on Instagram, Khloe has felt more comfortable and strong to wear what she wants and not worry about what people might say. 

But she is still relying on a thing or two to make it look like her baby bump is smaller than it is. By rocking huge curls for her hair, Khloe is able to keep eyes away from the baby bump. The bigger the hair, the smaller the bump!” she said. Khloe's pregnancy journey will be featured in the upcoming episodes of KUWTK. She is said to be due at the end of March or beginning of April. 

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