Katie Holmes believes Jamie Foxx is the father figure Suri needs in Tom Cruise's absence

Katie Holmes believes Jamie Foxx is the father figure Suri needs in Tom Cruise's absence

Katie Holmes is reportedly upset that Tom Cruise hasn't been there for their daughter but feels happy to have Jamie by his side.

It's been over a decade since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes separated and even though the two share no contact with each other, the actress feels upset that he has not been there for their daughter, Suri, 11. Recently, there were reports that Tom is ready to leave Scientology in order to be with Suri but Katie does not see that happening. 

Katie Holmes wishes Tom could have been there for their daughter (Twitter)

According to Hollywood Life, as much as Katie would love to have Tom and his daughter rekindle their relationship, she does not believe that the actor will give up his trust in religion for the same. However, this news is less upsetting for her as she believes that her best friend and rumored boyfriend, Jamie Foxx has managed to take up the role of a father figure in Suri's life. 

“Katie would be thrilled to see Tom leave Scientology, she’d love to see him build a healthy relationship with Suri,” a source close to Katie told the magazine. “It would be a dream come true actually, but she’s not expecting it. She seems to have lost hope that Tom will leave Scientology for Suri." It seems like in the past Tom has made it very clear that he will not give up on Scientology for anyone or anything and this makes the actress believe that Suri will be no exception.

“People change and they do leave, so it’s always possible that Tom will walk away, but it’s very slim and she knows it,” the insider explained. One of the reasons as to why Katie wants Tom and Suri to have a relationship is because the actress wants Suri to know her dad and have him while growing up. 

She believes Jamie has stepped in as a father figure in Suri's life (Twitter)

“It breaks Katie’s heart that Suri doesn’t have a relationship with Tom, there’s a definite hole in her life because of it — he is missed," the source added. Tom and Suri haven't seen each other in five years. The last time that the two were photographed together was in 2012 when Tom took his daughter to Disneyland and the two seemed to have had an amazing time together. 

"Katie is such a daddy’s girl herself, she can’t imagine a life without a close relationship with her dad. But unfortunately, that’s the reality for Suri," the source said. With Suri's father absent from the picture for so long, Katie has had to step up as a parent. However, things seem to have changed a bit as Jamie has been there for the family. 

“Katie’s tried so hard to be all things to Suri, there’s a definite hole there left by Tom, and Katie does her best to fill it,” the source said. "She’s grateful to have Jamie in her life now, he’s becoming more and more of a father figure to Suri and she’s very grateful for that.”

After separating from Tom, Katie had to step up as a parent (Twitter)

Previously, Hollywood Life had reported that Katie loved Jamie more as she saw how much the actor had been there for her daughter. The magazine reported how when Jamie and Suri spend time together, it's more like a father-daughter relationship, he treats her like his own child. "Katie is attracted to Jamie partly because he is so caring to her daughter Suri,” the source said. 

“Jamie treats Suri like one of his own daughters and is always singing silly songs to her and making her laugh and smile.” Luckily, Suri is just as big a fan of Jamie! “Suri thinks Jamie is really funny and she loves when he is around.” It does not come as a surprise as Jamie is a father to two daughters of his own: Corinne Bishop, 23, and Annalise Bishop, 8. Looking at the current situation, it seems like Tom might have to put in extra effort if he wants to make things alright with his daughter. 

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