Kate Moss's sister Lottie blames garlic bread for this, and gets slammed online

Kate Moss's sister Lottie blames garlic bread for this, and gets slammed online

Lottie Moss said she can never be skinny because she loves garlic bread way too much.

Model Lottie Moss, Kate Moss's 20-year-old sister, is well known for having followed in the footsteps of her older sister, inheriting the love of partying and drinking. The young model is now under fire for tweeting that she isn't skinny is because of her love for garlic bread.  


 "Like you're not skinny!" one user replied.


Anybody who has seen Lottie Moss would know she is nothing short of slim. The model's figure is one that would attract one man's eye and another woman's envy. 

Lottie Moss says she loves garlic bread and that's why she can never be skinny. (Source: Lottie Moss/ Instagram)

Her recent remarks on Twitter trace back to those famous words of Kate Moss from a time ago: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

However, health experts are concerned about Lottie's laid-back approach to body shaming. Her remarks in a way are contributing to the false ideas people hold that carbs are not good for the body.

“This is awful,” leading Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert told The Independent in response to Moss’s tweet.

Lottie Moss has a figure that many women would envy but looks like she feels she needs to shed more weight. (Source: Lottie Moss/ Instagram)

“She’s insinuating if you eat bread you can’t be slim and must be heavier. It’s ridiculous plus she’s encouraging body dysmorphia.”   

Many of us have something we don't like about our appearance - a crooked nose, an uneven smile, acne, or ears that stick out like a sore thumb. All though we may fret every now and then about our imperfections, it does not in any way affect our daily life. But there are few who particularly stress on their appearance, experiencing inferiority complex and in general, plight over their inability to fight the pessimistic thoughts and in their surrender to the emotional distress. 

Rhiannon Lambert works with people suffering from eating disorders. She says carbs are not what they are believed to be. Because you can for sure maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain slim (if that's who you prefer to be) and still completely enjoy a load of garlic bread. 

Many people feel carbs are fattening so they avoid it to lose weight. (Source: Lottie Moss/ Instagram)

“Carbohydrates are essential for human life but this doesn’t mean if you are not highly active you don’t need any at all,” Lambert, who is the author of Re-Nourish: A Simple Way to Eat Well, explains.

“Our brains can only process glucose for fuel efficiency and lots of studies conducted at respected universities and research centers have shown resistant starch (found in carbs) helps you eat less, burn more calories, feel more energized and less stressed, and have lower cholesterol levels.”

Lottie Moss claims she can never be "skinny." (Source: Lottie Moss/ Instagram)

When people think of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they often stay clear of carbs. When one thinks carbs, they're thinking of bread, pasta, rice, and that sort. But what many don't know is that fruits and vegetables are all carbs. Carb-phobia especially grain-phobia persists to this day. It's really unfortunate because fruits, whole grains, and many other carbohydrate-rich foods including starchy vegetables offer good nutrition. 

So next time you think you need to sacrifice garlic bread for a slim, fit figure, think again! Garlic bread is a delicious affair and it won't hurt to indulge in your cravings every now and then. It's not about avoiding it completely, it's about maintaining it as part of a balanced diet. 


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