Have you ever wondered what Ivanka Trump does all day? Get set to step into her shoes

Have you ever wondered what Ivanka Trump does all day? Get set to step into her shoes

It's safe to say that Ivanka Trump was nowhere near as popular she is right now. She has served as an executive vice-president of the family owned Trump Organization and even served as a boardroom judge on her father's TV show The Apprentice, but has never quite faced the scrutiny she does today.

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The fourth generation businesswoman was appointed as a special advisor to her father and has undoubtedly found privacy a little difficult to come by these days, but she says that she still maintains her pre-White House routine. In a blog post on My Morning Routine, the first daughter explains how she plans out every single day:

5:30 am - 7 am:

Her kids wake up around 7 am each day (Source: Instagram)

Ivanka reveals that her kids, Arabella specifically, wakes up at 7am, so the time between 5:30am and 7am is when she gets some personal time. After waking up, she says she meditates or works out – or both. She then has a bath and listens to a TED talk while applying her makeup, a task she reveals takes her around eight minutes each day.

She also says she doesn't like reading news online; instead, she prefers paper, taking time out to read the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and the front section of The New York Times.

7 am - 8 am

Her days begin with helping Joseph get dressed (Source: Instagram)

7am is when she gets the kids out of bed and gets them ready for the day ahead. She reveals Arabella usually brushes her teeth and makes her bed by herself, while she's busy changing Joseph and getting him dressed.

Ivanka writes that breakfast for her usually consists of Greek yogurt and berries or oatmeal and she washes those down with a large glass of lemon water and a big cup of coffee. They always have breakfast as a family and when her schedule permits it, she walks Arabella to school.

She then heads into the office between 7:45 and 8am.

8 am to 12:30pm

Her days are filled with back-to-back meetings (Source: Instagram)

Every day is equally hectic for the first daughter and she writes that they're usually filled with back-to-back meetings, meaning she usually crosses paths with her father.

She also writes that while she was still working in Trump Tower, she always made sure that she had a cup of water, a cup of coffee, or Tazo passion tea with her.

12:30 pm to 1pm

She no longer gets the time for lunch dates with Arabella (Source: Instagram)

She reveals that back in 2014 before her family moved into the White House and embraced the hustle and bustle of the presidency, she had a weekly lunch date planned with Arabella. The two would go down and share and meal at Trump Grill, but quite obviously that's no longer possible since her current role is a demanding and full-time one.

5:30 pm - 7 pm

She believes in spending quality time with her kids (Source: Instagram)

She prefers heading out of the office sometime between 5:30 and 7pm, so she gets to spend plenty of quality time with her children; something she gives very high priority to.

Ivanka says the first task she does when she gets back home is removing her makeup.

She writes: "The minute I walk into the house that's what I do, and it makes me feel like I've kind of come home. I wash my face, I take off all my makeup, and I feel sort of in my natural state if you will. I love moisturizers, lotions potions."

The family then has dinner and she puts the kids to bed.


Ivanka says she loves having date nights with Jared (Source: Instagram)

Ivanka says that she and her husband, Jared Kushner, often spend their evenings eating out for a work dinner or that they have dinner with their friends. However, if she's at home, her dinner consists of simply her children's leftovers.

11pm - 1am

She says she goes to bed at around 12:30 each day (Source: Instagram)

She knows the benefits of a good night's sleep, so bedtime is as early as 11pm. Before bed, Ivanka aims for an 'inbox zero' of answered emails. Writing for Harper's Bazaar, she said there were around 200 of these each day.

Around 1am she says her bedroom is very serene. She writes: "My sheets are neutral, crisp and clean! I get to bed at like 12:30 or one. Usually, if I can't fall asleep, you will find me catching up on a good book or zoning out with an episode of The Real Housewives!"


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