Is 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans pregnant with child #4? Fans definitely think so

Is 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans pregnant with child #4? Fans definitely think so

Recent Instagram photo showed Evans with a slight bump and social media fans were quick to point it out as proof

Teen Mom Season 2 star and social media personality Jenelle Evans looked all too happy in her Instagram pictures when she, along with the rest of her brood and her husband, celebrated the birthday of their third child, Ensley Eason, who turned one.

The Instagram post that had everyone speculating that Jenelle Evans was pregnant (Instagram)

Evans, who's known for her wild partying and all too real issues with mother Barbara, shared pictures of her daughter’s unicorn-themed photoshoot with all of her siblings, along with a family picture that showed little Ensley devouring her birthday cake with her dad and mum by her side.

“May all your birthday wishes come true, my princess,” Jenelle captioned the adorable picture. 

However, fans were quick to notice something entirely unrelated in the same picture that got them at hello! Many fans noticed a slight bump through the white t-shirt and jumped to the conslusion that it was a baby bump. Or so they thought.

Jenelle Evans with husband David Eason and the kids (Instagram)

One user @noahsmommaa wrote, “Happy birthday!! And she does look a little pregnant. I mean she always says excuses and then comes to find out she is pregnant. So I wouldn’t doubt it.”

“She looks like she has a little Prego pooch! Happy birthday Ensley!” user @mamabearof3cubs26_ wrote, while another one @clarkie91169 added: “Deff pregnant her hand is blocking the rest of her stomach.”

While some were on the speculative side of the spectrum, the other end looked like the defensive lot who jumped on the bandwagon and defended the starlet's 'apparent' bump.

“She’s had 3 children and struggled with addiction. God forbid her body isn’t as tight as it once was. She’s just got the mom pouch, she’s not pregnant,” user @simplysarah90 wrote.

@mammasavage89 seemed to agree wholeheartedly with @simplysarah. “Why is it whenever a woman’s stomach isn’t completely flat she’s assumed to be pregnant. Ever heard of bloating? Or the other 1000 reasons other than pregnancy,” she chimed in. 

@hughes4132 pointed out something that everyone seemed to have missed out on what Jenelle had spoken, some time ago. “Did [no] one see that she had hernia surgery? My daughter had the same issues and looked 6 months pregnant. My daughter isn’t pregnant and neither is Jenelle,” they added for good measure.


But Evans quashed all speculation down with her answer for fans on Snapchat when rumors about her pregnancy had started to brew again. 


“Sorry if you guys assumed I’ve been pregnant anytime recently but I’m not pregnant,” she wrote. “Just been bloated for the wrong reasons… lmao.” She posted another update that read: “I’m home a lot lately, mainly because of stomach issues. Stayed in on NYE, couldn’t even wrap my Christmas presents. I’ve been recovering from hernia repair surgery. I hope my health is better now and I don’t look so bloated anymore.”


However, the Snapchat update had come sometime in early January and fans are not just yet giving up on their hope of a fourth child.

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