What happened inside the helicopter crash that killed country singer Troy Gentry?

As the world mourns the death of Troy Gentry, details about his last ride on the helicopter have begun to emerge. Federal investigators analyzed what happened on the fateful day that Gentry breathed his last. According to them, the pilot had difficulty controlling the engine. Not long after take off, the pilot informed airport officials about the problems with the engine RPM.

Airport officials gave several responses to the problem and the pilot, James Evan Robinson performed auto rotational descent to runway one. Although they did manage to land, the pilot and Gentry were fatally wounded. Brian Rayner, senior air safety investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board said, "The helicopter landed short of the runway in low brush, it was substantially damaged and the occupants were fatally injured," according to People.

Troy Gentry was due to perform at Flying W Airport in Medford. Source: Facebook
Troy Gentry and bandmate Eddie Montgomery at a concert. Source: Facebook