What happened inside the helicopter crash that killed country singer Troy Gentry?

What happened inside the helicopter crash that killed country singer Troy Gentry?

As the world mourns the death of Troy Gentry, details about his last ride on the helicopter have begun to emerge. Federal investigators analyzed what happened on the fateful day that Gentry breathed his last. According to them, the pilot had difficulty controlling the engine. Not long after take off, the pilot informed airport officials about the problems with the engine RPM.

Airport officials gave several responses to the problem and the pilot, James Evan Robinson performed auto rotational descent to runway one. Although they did manage to land, the pilot and Gentry were fatally wounded. Brian Rayner, senior air safety investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board said, "The helicopter landed short of the runway in low brush, it was substantially damaged and the occupants were fatally injured," according to People.

Troy Gentry was due to perform at Flying W Airport in Medford. Source: Facebook
Troy Gentry and bandmate Eddie Montgomery at a concert. Source: Facebook

Gentry, who was due to perform at Flying W Airport and Resort in Medford, took an impromptu decision to fly in the Schweitzer 269 Charlie 1 aircraft. Unfortunately, it would be the last ride of his life. The singer was taken to Virtua Hospital after the crash but he succumbed to his injuries. His pilot, Robinson, was pronounced dead at the scene on the runway.

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Just hours before the crash, there was an air of festivity at the Flying W Airport. Officials at the venue recounted that there was happiness as a Montgomery Gentry bus rolled. "The nicest people got off the bus and joined us on the ramp for what we hoped would be the best concert we have ever had. Sadly this was not to be," officials at the venue said in a statement.

Gentry is survived by his wife Angie and daughters, Kaylee and Taylor. Source: Facebook

Gentry's tragic death has left his family shaken. The 50-year-old's wife, Angie, is distraught at his untimely passing and feels she's lost her friend. The singer was by her side when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and helped run a campaign called Check You Headlights, aimed at spreading awareness about breast cancer. The country musician's family is coping with their loss privately and have refrained from speaking about it on their social media channels.

Upon his passing, music journalist and author Holly Gleason said, "Nobody loved life more than Troy Gentry. Whatever adventure, all night party or hardcore hillbilly song, he was up for it," reported People.