Incarcerated investigator Anthony Pellicano says he has serious dirt on Michael Jackson, but he won't reveal it

Incarcerated investigator Anthony Pellicano says he has serious dirt on Michael Jackson, but he won't reveal it

Anthony Pellicano is due to be released from prison in a year, but the secrets that he could leverage against some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry will remain confidential.

Notorious private eye Anthony Pellicano, 73, was recently interviewed from prison by The Hollywood Reporter about his impending release from prison, after serving 15 years for 78 counts of a variety of crimes, including wire tapping, racketeering, computer hacking, harassment, and threats.

Pellicano had a number of A-list celebs on his client list, including Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise, Courtney Love, and Elizabeth Taylor.

However, he expressed distaste when many of their names were brought up during the interview.

Despite his disagreements with his old clients, he still respects his vow of loyalty, or "omerta," that he had with his clients, and maintained confidentiality when pressed for information about his dealings with them.

He said he had secrets in his possession that could rock the entertainment industry to its very foundation, but he would never reveal them, at any cost.

Speaking of Michael Jackson's child sexual abuse scandal, he said, "I was offered $500,000 to tell the whole story by a tabloid, and I declined, even though, while incarcerated, I needed the money."

He once claimed to have "fired" the Thriller singer, because his investigations found incidents far worse than what the singer was being accused of, when he was taken to court over child molestation allegations. If what he says is true, that information would indeed be worth half a million dollars.

Michael Jackson, Getty
Michael Jackson before the verdict for his child molestation case (Getty Images)

In fact, from among the documents in Pellicano's possession seized by the FBI when they arrested him, a history of suppression of child molestation incidents was exposed when the documents were made accessible to the public.

However, Pellicano denies being guilty for the means by which he covered up celebrities' scandals. "I got convicted of committing crimes I did not commit. I had to listen to testimony of those who got up on the stand and lied."

He claims that he was left in the lurch by the people whose careers he saved, saying, "I changed a lot of lives for the better, helped a whole lot of people who were all grateful at the time. That's what I kept in mind as I took all the heat — alone. As things got troublesome for me, they all took off for the hills."

Pellicano claims to have "no regrets, except I do wish that I had been more careful at the end."

He does, however, regret giving his "absolute loyalty to so many" and says that "Some people got away with a lot of things and made a lot of money because of me."

He says that "My honor and word meant, and still mean, everything to me. Without that, I cannot, and could never, consider myself a man." He then goes on to explain what he thinks of people who go back on their word, saying "I believe rats, informants and others of that ilk are worse than child molesters. Close call — but I feel that way, and I will never relent."

This perspective certainly does explain why a man of honor would chose to help an alleged child molester from being brought to justice.

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