Hey Drag Race fans, time to get sickening with Season 5 of Grace and Frankie!

Hey Drag Race fans, time to get sickening with Season 5 of Grace and Frankie!

Netflix has confirmed that Grace and Frankie would be returning with Season 5.

If you are a Grace and Frankie fan, we have good news for you. The Netflix show has been renewed for yet another season. If you are a RuPaul Charles fan along with that, then we have spectacular news for you. He has been signed on as a guest star for the upcoming season 5.  

Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and RuPaul revealed all this precious information in the most millennial way possible, too, which made us fans all the more giddy. Ru basically tweeted out, "Will there be a Season 5 of Grace and Frankie?" tagging both the titular stars of the show.  

Jane replied saying, "Yup," and additionally revealing that it would be available for streaming sometime in 2019. Lily jumped on in this thread and said, "Let's do this."  

Despite their mutual love for each other on social media, Ru's character on the show is going to be a nuisance in the lives of Grace and Frankie. His character Benjamin Le Day is described as a “formidable and quick-witted adversary who faces off with Grace and Frankie.” 

Ru has the potential to bring a larger viewership to the already successful show, which has been renewed by Netflix less than a month after the previous season was released. Not to mention, the different energy he will bring to the show. It remains to be seen if Ru will showcase only his boy side on the show, or if his female persona will show up as well. We know Frankie would have thrown down with her share of drag queens, but we would love to see Grace's interactions with a drag queen, especially one who is antagonizing her.  

Ru as his male and female versions (Twitter)

Guest stars of Grace and Frankie have historically brought a lot of interesting storylines to the show. Of course, we want to know how Grace and Frankie's family will return to them breaking out from the retirement home. We are also interested in the spicy sex life of Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston), Brianna's (June Diane Raphael) failing business, Mallory's (Brooklyn Decker) post-divorce depression, Coyote's (Ethan Embry) final new relationship, and Bud's (Baron Vaughn) fatherhood.  

All we are saying is, if what Ru's character brings to the table is anything close what Lisa Kudrow's Sheree did in season 4, we are in for a spectacular ride.   



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