Remember the elderly couple who died together in 'Titanic'? Here's their real-life heartbreaking story

The story of Titanic sinking broke our hearts, but this love story brought tears to our eyes.

It's been twenty years since the film Titanic hit the screens. The movie was successful in capturing the moments and feelings of people when they face death and most importantly when they see their loved one giving up on life in front of their eyes. 

Scene from Titanic; Pinterest

While the movie was based on the tragic love story of Jack and Rose, there were many other heartbreaking stories that were forgotten eventually. There is one real-life story in particular, that would make you believe in true love. It is the scene in which water is filling up the ship from all ends and an old couple can be seen cuddling each other as the water fills their room. 

Ida Straus and Isidor; Pinterest

In fact, most people rank the couple's death as one of the saddest deaths in the movie and well, we agree. But what makes the story sadder is that the incident is based keeping in mind the pair who were on the Titanic when the incident took place. 

They were among the richest people on board; Pinterest

The people in question are Isidor and Ida Straus. Isidor and Ida were passengers in the first class and were greatly admired by their co-passengers. Isidor was a co-owner of Macy's. He also served briefly as a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Ida and Isidor's kids; Pinterest

While Ida was a homemaker. The two got married in 1871 and were considered to be some of the richest people who were on board. This gave them the privilege of being accommodated in one of the fanciest and nicest cabins on the entire boat but that did not affect their modesty. 

Their wedding portrait; Pinterest

The two were traveling back from their vacation in France when the incident of Titanic hitting the iceberg took place. Once it was clear that the ship was going to sink, people were quickly rushed to the lifeboats in order to save as many lives as possible. 

People were rushed to the lifeboats to be rescued; Pinterest

Among this, many women and children, as well as first-class people, were given the chance of boarding the lifeboat before the others. Isidor and Ida were also among them but Isidor refused to board the boat and asked the crew to help women and children instead. 

Ida refused to get on the lifeboat without Isidor; Pinterest

On hearing that her husband won't be boarding the boat, Ida refused to get on as well. Later, according to Titanic survivor Colonel Archibald Gracie IV, Isidor asked the deck officer if it would be possible for them to get on the boat together once everyone else was done being rescued. 

Ida gave up her seat to her maid, Ellen; Pinterest