Here are the 10 most important superheroes of all time



Here are the 10 most important superheroes of all time

It’s not just about flying around in tights, it's also about keeping values intact

Superheroes are not just about flying around in tights, beating villains, saving the world and getting the girl. There's a lot more to it. Lot more to the whole idea. It's about bravery, inspiration, goodness and hope - qualities that we can all use in today's troubled times.

Let's take a look at 10 comic book heroes who are important and relevant for more than just box office receipts.


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Well, before Zack Snyder decided to give a dark, brooding spin to Superman, he was the all-around good guy. He would stop atomic explosions and save cats from trees.

There was nothing Superman could not do. And the best part was - he was happy doing it. There was positivity, color, life and real hope in his story.

So even though he too mainstream and conventional - we cannot ignore Superman's contribution in making the world a better place. Take a bow Christopher Reeve, Richard Donner, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Captain Planet

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Captain Planet won't get his due until Leonardo DiCaprio actually plays him in a movie. But the fact is, he's an important figure to look up to - especially now when matters like climate change are considered national security issues. A hero that promotes a cleaner and healthier way of life is always important.

Wonder Woman


It’s not just about her flashy and powerful accessories. Rising from nurse to secretary and all the way up to Major, Diana Prince continually placed herself in situations “not fit for a woman.” That’s just it–the thing that makes her so incredibly important. Wonder Woman showed the world that she was just as intelligent and competent as her male counterparts. More so, in many cases.

Spider Man

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Remember when you were a kid and dreamt of having superpowers? Well, reading a Spidey comic or watching his film allows us to actually live that dream. He's one of the most relatable superheroes. He's not perfect, he makes mistakes, takes wrong decisions maybe - but eventually comes out a winner. Plus he's approachable - he's your friendly neighborhood Spider man

Captain America


Why is Cap important? One word: Leadership. No one inspired leadership like Captain America. He's actually the little guy at heart playing for the big boys team. He always believes in doing the right thing and follows his heart, unlike the next superhero we have in this list....

Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man/Facebook

Iron Man proved that even a notorious ladies man with an unruly ego can save the world. Sure, Tony Stark uses his billions for good. But he doesn’t come with a pristine record like that of, say, Captain America or Superman. Regardless of his showy persona, it isn’t his stash of gold coins that matter, it’s his heart of gold (or Stark Industries machinery, as it were).

Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones has powers, but that’s not what makes her one of the most important superheroes around. She put her cape – so to speak – away in order to become a private eye. Her main clients? Powerful people of her own ilk. Jessica Jones proves that being a typical (flying, fighting, disappearing and reappearing) superhero isn’t the only way to make a huge difference.


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Move over, Tony Stark. Deadpool might just be the most entertaining Marvel hero. First appearing in 1991, Deadpool is a deformed mercenary with superhuman fighting and healing abilities. As he often breaks the fourth wall, Deadpool proves not every superhero needs to be taken so seriously.

Mr Fantastic aka Reed Richards

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A family-oriented superhero with an aptitude for science. Also, he doesn't believe in secret identities. Reed Richards can be a typical 'dad' and also a kickass, crime-fighting superhero. Speaking of which....

Professor X

Patrick Stewart as Professor X/ Fox

Charles Xavier, a.k.a. Professor X is the unquestioned leader of the X-Men. Throughout his life, Professor X has worked to create a world where humans and mutants can co-exist. On a larger level, he does promote the concept of mixed races living together in harmony. Well, that's more than ever.

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