Fall TV bonanza: 15 TV shows that will keep you hooked to your screens

Fall TV bonanza: 15 TV shows that will keep you hooked to your screens

If you're a lover of great TV and miss watching your favorite shows, we can totally understand what you went through in the summer. It was dreary; it was long and it lacked entertainment. Thankfully, the fall season has begun and pumpkin-spiced latte's aside, old TV favorites plus new TV shows get their regular time slots on TV networks. Are you a fan of The Voice? Well, its finally returning to NBC and so is Modern Family, American Housewife, Grey's Anatomy and many more shows. 

Here's a complete list of shows that are returning to TV and where you can watch them.

The Big Bang Theory

September 25, CBS

We can never get enough of The Big Bang Theory and when it returns with season 11, we're going to see some major changes. From what we know, Sheldon's going to be in a long distance relationship, Howard's baby is going to be in the picture and Leonard and Penny's marriage, well, it's going to ebb and flow like most other marriages. But will they make it in season 11? Only time will tell us. 

Young Sheldon

September 25, CBS

We couldn't be more excited about this. We finally get to see how Sheldon went through the hellhole that's also called high school. This Big Bang Theory spin-off promises to take us through Sheldon's childhood, his relationship with his twin sister, siblings and his "Meemaw."

The Voice

September 25, NBC

Season 13 of The Voice returns with judges Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus. As always, there's going to be plenty of drama, a playful rivalry between Levine and Shelton and we're excited to see how Hudson fits into the Voice family this season. The Voice could be the perfect filler until American Idol airs again and let's face the fact, it looks like it's going to be a while before that happens.

The Brave

September 25, NBC

This nail-biting thriller follows the kidnapping of US surgeon Kimberley Wells who is forced to operate on one of America's most wanted terrorists, Burhan Baghdadi. Should the army sacrifice their own man to capture Baghdadi or secure the safety of Wells? This moral dilemma plays out in the pilot season of the new NBC show.

This Is Us

September 26, NBC

Emmy-winning TV show, This Is Us, returns to NBC with a bigger, darker plot. In the premiere episode of season 2, we get to see crucial information about Jack's death. The premiere episode titled A Father's Advice explores Jack's family, his growing up years and possibly a storyline dedicated to the Vietnam War. According to series creator Fogelman, season 2 premiere could open up more questions regarding Jack's death.

Designated Survivor

September 27, ABC

Designated Survivor was one of the best TV shows last year and when it returns once more, we'll get to watch the tension between Kirkman and his vice president, Peter MacLeish. Not just that, the country is still vulnerable to terrorist attacks after CIA agent turned terrorist Nestor Lozano hacked into Pentagon's server. This political thriller could throw curveballs along our way and we're ready for it.

Modern Family

September 27, ABC


The gang from Modern Family is back with season 9 and the big news? Well, Manny and Luke have graduated high school! The latest season of the family comedy will deal with the lives of these two young gentlemen as they step into their future. Plus, there might be a Trump-inspired episode. The show's co-creator Steve Levitan said at last year's Television Academy members panel, "That’s a reality, we can’t escape that. We’re not The Simpsons where everybody can stay young forever and nobody ages, so it forces our show to change."


September 27, CBS

The SEAL team gets a rare chance to capture a top-level ISIL commander but things go wrong very quickly This team, including Jason, Ray, Sonny and SEAL hopeful Clay struggle in another country as their quick mission becomes a long, drawn-out affair. They miss their families and turn to each other for help.

Grey's Anatomy

September 28, ABC

When season 14 of Grey's Anatomy returns, expect to find some new faces and some old. Plotwise, the latest installment of the hospital drama looks interesting. First off, Owen's sister is going to be the cause of some major problems. Arizona might get her heart broken, again and it looks like we haven't heard the last of Jo's husband, Paul Stadler.

How to Get Away with Murder

September 28, ABC

After being accused of Wes's murder at the end of season 3, Annalise reinvents herself and gets back to being a boss in the courtroom. Season 4 of this Shonda Rhimes TV show explores Annalise's re-birth after Wes's death and how this affects her relationship with her husband, Julius. Fans of the show would know that Lauren's family is responsible for his death but does she catch up on this truth as well? Well, we can't wait to see season 4!

Will & Grace

September 28, NBC

This Will & Grace remake we've all been waiting for is finally here and it will not feature the kids, thankfully! The remake follows a slightly different plotline. The fab four – Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes- will return but without some key characters like Rosario and Grace's mom.

Ten Days in the Valley

October 1, ABC

This new show on ABC follows the kidnapping of a young girl. As the police investigate the case, there's more to the story than what's being told. Does her mom have anything to do with her daughter's kidnapping? The police try to find out.


October 5, ABC

When season 7 of the TV show airs, there's going to be some drama between Mellie and Fitz. The two might work together again and this is bound to bring some unexpected problems. The latest season will have two extra episodes compared to season 6. Speaking about the end of the series, Rhimes had earlier told The Hollywood Reporter that she plans to go "all out with white hats on, gladiators running full speed over a cliff."

Once Upon a Time

October 6, ABC

There's going to be a full-on reboot on Once Upon a Time season 7. When the latest installment airs again, we will get to see a time jump in Henry's storyline. Adult Henry finds himself in a new storybook. He's going to have an epic romance with Cinderella and boy, this is going to be good.


October 27, NBC

There's going to be a two-year time jump when Blindspot returns with season 3. Jane's life is about to get more complicated as she meets people who she doesn't know and unfortunately, they seem to know a lot about her and the tattoos.