Did the cast of Jersey Shore just destroy Floribama Shore's TV debut?

Did the cast of Jersey Shore just destroy Floribama Shore's TV debut?

‘Floribama Shore’ aren't angry with their predecessors for the hate tweets, but they could be angry about getting their thunder stolen.

Since the Jersey Shore reboot Floribama Shore was announced by MTV, people have pointing how the new reality series is so different from the Original. The OG cast also expressed their disdain for the new show, claiming they would have preferred to have come back for the reboot.

If you haven't already, here is a look at some of their responses to Floribama Shore


Nonetheless, MTV went ahead with Floribama Shore, which is premering on Monday, November 27 at 10 pm. The show is in fact very different from Jersey and may be that isn't all for the worst.  

“It’s a completely different part of the country. Obviously we’re going to be different. We’re not from Jersey,” one of the new castmembers, Gus Smyrnios told US Weekly, adding, “Every part of country, people are different. We’re trying to show how people are on the Floribama side, the Southeast region.”

Floribama Shore
"We outchea in Gainesville for the Florida vs. Florida State game!! Come see us at the @floribamashore tailgate right by the stadium and gator statue tomorrow 🤘🏽 @floribamashore @mtv" (Instagram)

The show explores the dynamics of a bunch of young Floridians spending their summer in Panama City Beach. The cast members seem quite well-adjusted to the fact that they will have critics and some of them might be their own predecessors.

Floribama Shore,
Ladies of MTV Floribama Shore. (Facebook)

In fact, on being asked what they think of Jersey Shore cast's disdain for their show, Guy said, “We don’t have anything against them, you know? We’re on the show, we don’t want people necessarily saying we’re trying to copy them or anything like that. We don’t have hard feelings towards the cast or nothing like that.”

Floribama Shore
"Just because it’s Monday ✊🏼" (Instagram)

Meanwhile fellow cast member Kortni Gilson does not understand the reason for their hate. She tells Hollywood Life, “I don’t think they should be mad. I mean, honestly? They’re giving us publicity and making us bigger.” Another housemate of Floribama Shore, Codi Butts, chimes in, “Ultimately, they’re going to be the first ones to watch it, too.”

Floribama Shore
"Y’all don’t forgot to watch MTV’s Floribama. 11/27 10/9c! #floribamashore @floribamashore @kirkmedas @nillythesquid @_k0nigi @guscalebsmyrnios @jbn3_77 @aimeeelizabethhall @_pimpfriedrice @code_eye10" (Instagram)

Whether or not the Jersey Shore cast approves, the new cast has nothing but love for the OGs. Looks like they are going the Michelle Obama way: When they go low, we go high!

Nilsa Prowant, Floribama Shore
"I'd rather be a lover than a fighter cause all my life, I've been fighting 💕 @floribamashore @dougochoaphotography #florida #beach #panamacitybeach #panamanianamerican #latina #squidworthy #thesquid #illsaveyou #lover #marshmellomusic #khalid @marshmellomusic #mtv #FloribamaShore" (Instagram)

One of the cast members, Nilsa Prowant, claims that she has heard people calling her low-cost Snooki, but she does not consider it an insult.“They call me the Great Value brand of Snooki. That’s okay because I love Snooki. I think she’s amazing.” However, she did add that she relates more to Snooki's BFF JWoww, who she thinks is a strong woman. 

Now, for those of you who aren't convinced yet, here is how the new reality show is going to be different from it's predecessor: 

While Jersey Shore cast had their golden rule GTL (Gym, Tan, & Laundry) that they lived by, Floribama Shore swears by BBB (Bench, Babes and Bars). And more importantly, as Kirk Medas explains it so eloquently, “They fist pump, we dab!”

Floribama Shore
"One more day until the day we’ve all been waiting for! The season premiere of @floribamashore!!! Tag along for this rollercoaster journey of emotions with these beautiful human beings #mtvfloribamashore" (Instagram)

While Floribama team is still anticipating their debut, MTV just announced that its making a major announcement about Jersey Shore. If MTV is not majorly trolling on its fans, we can safely assume that Jersey Shore is making a comeback.  






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