Kate Middleton keeps Diana's memory alive with these beautiful royal heirlooms

Kate Middleton keeps Diana's memory alive with these beautiful royal heirlooms

Just a few weeks ago, an emotional Prince William said he tries to keep his mother's memory alive in every way possible. His kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte are often treated to stories about their late grand mother Princess Diana, he said. We can only imagine that the young royals' bed time stories must include a tribute to the Princess, who worked relentlessly for those with HIV, leprosy, and kids who were orphaned. The House of Windsor, it seems, keeps her legacy alive in another way too.

Princess Diana was a fashion icon in the 90s and her beautiful pieces of jewelry reflected her aesthetic sensibility. Her seven stranded pearl choker with a sapphire stud comes to mind whenever we speak about her jewelry. Princess Diana's engagement ring sparkled every time she made a public appearance and let's not forget those diamond studded tiaras that she wore on formal occasions.

These pieces of jewelry weren't seen for a long time after her death but now, Prince William's wife Kate Middleton has been seen wearing them. The Duchess of Cambridge has been keeping Diana's fashion alive by donning sparklers that make us nostalgic.

Kate Middleton's sapphire earrings

On her wedding day, Lady Di received a sapphire and diamond encrusted watch as a wedding gift from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Famous for having her own personal style, Diana turned it into a pair of studs. This was one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. Years later, it was passed onto the Duchess of Cambridge, who reinvented the design and gave them a drop down look. Middleton wore this dangling sparkler when she visited Canada in 2011.

Duchess of Cambridge's engagement ring

Princess Diana's 12-carat diamond encrusted ring with a sapphire stud was returned to Prince Charles when they decided to divorce. After her death, the Prince of Wales asked his sons to choose some of her possessions. According to reports, Prince Harry picked the ring while his elder brother chose a gold Cartier watch. But Prince William wanted to propose to Middleton with his mother's ring and the brothers exchanged the ring and the watch. This was Prince William's way of ensuring Princess Diana would still be present at his wedding.

Lover's Knot Tiara

The Lover's Knot Tiara was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II to Princess Diana. The crown includes 19 arches and 38 tear drop pearls which hang from lovers' knot bows, according to People. This intricately designed tiara famously sat on Princess Diana's head until the Duchess of Cambridge wore it to a state banquet a few months ago.

Pearl bracelet

Kate Middleton's three stranded pearl bracelet looked understated but elegant nonetheless when it was worn with Markus Lupfer maxi dress. Its easy to miss this little trinket because one can get lost in the Duchess of Cambridge's stunning looks. However, the pearl and diamond crusted bracelet once belonged to Princess Diana, who wore it with her iconic Elvis dress in 1989.