Country music singer Troy Gentry's wife left shattered over his death in tragic helicopter crash

Country music singer Troy Gentry's wife left shattered over his death in tragic helicopter crash

Country music singer Troy Gentry's family is still in shock over his death. The 50-year-old singer's wife Angie feels her world is rocked to the core. She can't believe that her husband of 18 years is no more. "I think they’re still in shock, and it’s going take some time for them to process that he’s actually gone forever," a source said.

Troy, who is the one-half of country music band Montgomery Gentry is survived by his wife and two daughters Kaylee, 14, and Taylor 17. His family requested for privacy in a statement that was released just after his death on Sunday, September 10. The singer, who hails from Kentucky, was described as a loving and gentle father to Kaylee. A friend of the family wrote on Facebook just after his death, "He was a kind and gentle soul, an amazing father, husband, and friend. I literally felt my heart break today when I heard the news. My prayers go out to his family, especially his wife Angie and daughter Kaylee," a friend wrote.

Troy and Angie Gentry. Source: Facebook


Troy Gentry at a concert. Source: Facebook

Troy was by his wife Angie's side when she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. He supported her when she went through chemotherapy and helped her start the Check Your Headlights campaign, aimed at recognizing the early stages of breast cancer. According to the source, Angie can't believe that he died before her. "Troy was her everything, her champion, and was by her side all throughout her battle with breast cancer—his death has rocked her to the core. Troy was such a bright light, full of energy, and love, the country music world will really miss him," reported Hollywood Life.

Troy Gentry with Blake Shelton. Source: Facebook
Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery. Source: Facebook

Angie, who is his second wife, has reportedly been torturing herself imagining his last few moments. Troy died in a tragic helicopter crash on Sunday when he was on his way to New Jersey for a concert. The aircraft's crash is still unclear but early reports suggest that the aircraft had technical difficulties, which prompted the pilot to wait for responders before landing. The plane hovered over Flying W. Airport in Medford and crashed before help arrived.

Troy was born in Lexington, Montgomery where he met his bandmate Eddie Montgomery. Together, they started the band Montgomery Gentry which had success in the early 00s. Troy was inducted into the country music hall of fame and sang hit tracks such as  Roll With Me, Hell Yeah, Lucky Man, Something to Be Proud Of and Speed, among others.

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