Serial cheater Ozzy Osbourne has some sage advice for men looking to step out on their wives

Serial cheater Ozzy Osbourne has some sage advice for men looking to step out on their wives

Ozzy Osbourne is one of the craziest rockers of our time. The 68-year-old embraces life and goes about living it with humor, curiosity, and no small amount of insanity. He used to shave off his guests' eyebrows; fed hashish laced cake to a vicar and wore his wife Sharon's frilly dress once.

Through it all, his wife stood by him, managing the couple's three children and a step child from Ozzy's earlier marriage. Now, the Black Sabbath rocker is five years sober and he's realized what marriage means to him, albeit after he cheated on her and underwent therapy for sex addiction.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne with their kid. Source: Instagram

The 68-year-old British singer was caught cheating on Sharon with six other women for many years. The Talk co-host said he had an affair with a Russian teenager, their cook, their hairstylist and their masseuse in England and in the US. His infidelity led them to briefly split in 2016 for a few months as well.

However, Sharon put off divorce when she realized she still loves him. Now, their marriage seems to be on solid ground again. It's so solid that he can actually joke about his infidelity. His advice to married people with a wandering eye? "Don't get caught with your mistress," he said in an interview to Rolling Stones.

They renewed their wedding vows again in 2016. Source: Instagarm

He said that they're still together, even after the drugs, alcohol, and infidelity because, at the end of the day, they're very much in love. "When I said, 'Don't get caught by your missus', I'm not proud of all that shit. I upset my wife and I upset my family and I made a lot of shock and shame. I love my wife, and it made me realize what a fucking idiot I've been," he said.

Ozzy Osbourne said he's still married because they're very much in love. Source: Facebook

Ozzy Osbourne during a concert in 1972. Source: Instagram

The Osbournes' marriage has weathered 35 years of drama and some days have been bad. By his own admission, he said there are days when he's very angry with her but accepts it as part of marriage. "You know when you hear these people go, 'Oh, we've been married 35 years and we've never had a row'. I go, 'You must have been living in a different fucking country'," Ozzy said. 

The couple have a moment backstage during one of his concerts. Source: Instagram

The Osbournes with their kids. Source: Instagram

Ozzy's big personality, his insatiable thirst for theatrics and being a little extra has simmered a little over the years. In his conversation with Rolling Stone, he seemed grounded, humble and reflective. Like most dads who are retired, he's now taken up painting instead of drinking, listens to music from the 80s and watches TV. But he wants everyone to know, "I mean, I'm still nuts, but in control of it a bit more."