Charmed has a new LGBTQ character, and one old cast member isn't happy

Charmed has a new LGBTQ character, and one old cast member isn't happy

After CW's announcement that the new Charmed caste will include an LGBTQ character, the actress continued to express her disapproval of the series' reboot.

If CW's announcement of the Charmed reboot didn't stir some trouble with hardcore fans, then the recently released character descriptions certainly have.

One person who has got something to say is original cast member Holly Marie Combs. 

Actress Holly Marie Combs attends the Premiere of Open Roads Films 'The Host' (Getty) 

When CW first made its announcement to reboot the iconic series, Holly had expressed her disapproval in a series of tweets. 


Fans were quick to support her, even going as far as saying they would boycott the show unless CW did a remake with the original cast members. 


With the recent disclosure of the character descriptions for the reboot, Holly was not thrilled, to say the least. In a statement, the network described one of the sisters, Mel, as a “strong-willed feminist" and a "lesbian." 

This triggered Holly to take to Twitter to criticize the reboot again.


Some fans are living for this news, though. Many are excited about the inclusivity of the upcoming project. 

Fans of the original Charmed have also wondered whether or not any of its stars will put in an appearance. But after Holly's Twitter rant, it looks pretty unlikely. 

Charmed has always centered its plotline around girl power. The original cast included Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, and Alyssa Milano. 

Actresses Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs celebrate the WB's 'Charmed' 150th episode (Getty)


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