Who said divorce is cheap! These celebrity couples broke the bank to split up

Who said divorce is cheap! These celebrity couples broke the bank to split up

There are times when relationships slowly start to fade and you are left with no option but to call it quits. It is not a happy place to be.  But this gets worse when ending the relationship comes at a hefty price. A fair few celebrities know how it feels to be in that spot. 

Here are some of the most expensive divorces of all-time and trust us, you will be glad you are not a celebrity. 

10. Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva 

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Settlement: $80 million

Kevin and Cindy met in 1975 at California State University and married soon after. The two were married for 16 years until they decided to part ways. 

9. Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison

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Settlement: $85 million

Harrison and Melisa started their romance after meeting on the set of Apocalypse Now!. After few years the two decided to tie the knot. They were married for 16 years until they decided to get a divorce. 

8. Madonna and Guy Ritchie 

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Settlement: $100 million

Madonna and Ritchie were married for eight years and have two kids together. In 2008 both of them decided to call it quits with a mutually-agreed settlement.

7. Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving 

Settlement: $100 million

The couple got married in 1985 after a brief period of dating. However, the romance did not last long as after four years of being together the couple decided to get a divorce.

6. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Settlement: $110 million

Tiger and Elin were married for six years and have two kids together. However, the marriage did not last for long as in 2010 the couple decided to their separate ways after Tiger's sexcapades were revealed. 

5. Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey 

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Settlement: $150 million 

The couple was married for 25 years and decided to part ways in 1995. Neil owned a diamond business at that time, which was worth $300 million. During the settlement, the $300 million was divided between the two.

4. Michael and Juanita Jordan

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Settlement: $168 million

Michael and Juanita got married in 1989 and have three kids together. The couple was together for 17 years until in 2006 the couple decided to part for good.


3. Robert and Sheila Johnson 

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Settlement: $400 million

Sheila and Robert founded BET company together in 1980, which they later sold to Viacom for around $3 billion. The couple decided to end their marriage of 33 years in 2002. 

2. Mel and Robyn Gibson 

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Settlement: $425 million

Mel and Robyn were married for 33 years before they decided to go their separate ways. The couple evenly divided Robyn's $850 million net worth and ended their marriage in 2009. 

1. Rupert and Anna Murdoch

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Settlement: $1.7 billion

Rupert and Anna were married for 32 years. The couple called it quits in the year 1999. 

These are some heavy price to pay for a divorce.

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