Cardi B might have to pay a hefty price for being pregnant and here's why

Cardi B might have to pay a hefty price for being pregnant and here's why

Cardi B is rumored to be pregnant and it looks like she might have to give up on a lot of cash if it is true.

There have been various rumors surrounding Cardi B and her pregnancy and even though the singer has denied these claims, her fans are still convinced that she might just be hiding the news about her pregnancy like Kylie Jenner did. Previously, TMZ  had reported that the rumors about her pregnancy stemmed from her rep who told one of the staff members that Cardi was "3 to 4 months pregnant". 

A rep told Cardi is 3-4 months pregnant (Twitter)

Even though these might just be rumors, if Cardi is, in fact, pregnant, it could turn out to be a great loss for the singer in terms of her business and career. Sources close to Cardi told the tabloid that she plans on finishing a new album before the end of the summer. 

The Bodak Yellow singer plans on wrapping up the song in order to release it in the two-month tour, which starts in the month of September, along with Bruno Mars. Now if what the rep of Cardi told is true, it would mean that her due date will be somewhere in the month of August. 

This would mean that the singer will have to put everything in storage and might have to pay the price for it from her own pocket. However, the release of her album is not the only thing which is said to occupy her schedule in the coming months. Along with this, Cardi also had signed a deal for various commercials.

At the same time, Cardi is also expected to collaborate with other artists. Previously, there were reports that Cardi has also signed a deal for a film and the shooting for it was supposed to take place in the month of March. If Cardi is reportedly already four months pregnant, it would mean that the Bartier Cardi singer might not be able to act in the movie after all. 

Let's not forget that Cardi is also set to perform at Coachella in mid-April. Having a baby could mean that Cardi might opt to be at home and spend her time with her beau Offset than to be on the stage. As of now, according to reports, Cardi gets around $100k a show and $60k for nightclub walk-throughs. Looking at the huge deals she has in place, it could mean she might have to pay a hefty price. 

As for the news about Cardi really being pregnant, only time can tell. 

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