5 reasons why Miranda Lambert is enjoying life after Blake Shelton

It's been more than two years since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got divorced. The once king and queen of country music never really revealed why their four-year-marriage ended so suddenly, even as their loyal fans searched for answers. In the months after their split, several theories, from cheating rumors to conflicting work schedules suggested that their marriage had been rocky for a while and that both parties were smarting from the pain. This was all too visible in the albums they released after their divorce. Their music brimmed with grief, anger, resentment and finally, happiness.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Source: Instagram

Two years later, Shelton and Lambert seem to be in a better place now, even if country music has lost one of its most popular couples. Shelton has been vocal about his love for Gwen Stefani. The two are even rumoured to be trying for a baby.

Shelton's ex-wife has also moved on from the man she dated for five years and remained married to for four years. Lambert, who got her fans' sympathy after the divorce refused to project herself as the victim. Instead, she went through a metamorphosis of sorts and experienced these significant changes in her life.

#1 The Over You singer grew as a songwriter

Miranda Lambert with Alison Monroe. Source: Instagram

Confronting and dealing with emotional baggage from a relationship is one of the most difficult things that can happen to a person. Yet, Lambert said dealing with the pain of her divorce made her a better songwriter. She was honest about her emotional experience and this honesty shined when she collaborated with people in the music industry. The 33-year-old singer said, "[And I] got to be better friends with the people that I write the songs with, just really getting that honest with each other and sitting there on a porch drinking wine..." according to Billboard.

#2 She found love again

Miranda Lambert with Anderson East. Source: Instagram

The Texas native is in a happy place with blues singer Anderson East. They met when they collaborated on her song, Pushing Time in 2015. In December that year, Lambert started dating East and they've together for the past two years. On September 12, Lambert marked their two year anniversary with an adorable picture of her kissing his cheek. She captioned it, "Oh how I remember well, sunset on September 12th..." #PushingTime #2yearstoday #bamaboy." According to sources, the 30-year-old singer and Lambert have discussed marriage and kids and it's something they both want.