Big sister Kim is worried that Kylie is too young to take on the role of a mother

Big sister Kim is worried that Kylie is too young to take on the role of a mother

Kylie is reportedly expecting her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott and while the reality star has stayed away from the limelight, Kim is worried she is too young to be a mother.

Kylie has been away from the media for far too long now and while people believe that the reality star is taking her time to deal with the pregnancy at such a young age, sister Kim is of the view that Kylie is not ready to take on the big responsibility that lies ahead of her. 

Kim is worried that Kylie is not ready to be a mother (Pinterest)

There is no doubt that Kim is really happy for Kylie and quite excited but there is still a moment where Kim believes that Kylie may not be thinking how she will manage things in the future. "Of course Kim is happy for Kylie’s pregnancy, but she does have some mixed emotions," a source close to Kim told Hollywood Life

Kim has mixed feelings about the present situation (Pinterest)

According to the insider, Kim is in a questionable state when it comes to passing on the torch to the next generation of Kardashians. "To be honest, Kim kind of goes back and forth between being threatened by Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and then wanting to pass them the torch," said the source. 

Kim has mixed feelings about passing on the torch to Kendall and Kylie (Pinterest)

"She was always happy for Khloe and Kourtney’s success because it was always clear that she was the queen, but she does get freaked out that one day she will be irrelevant, and people will only care about Kylie and Kendall," the source continued. 

She is worried people will only care about Kendall and Kylie (Pinterest)

However, the sudden attention that Kendall and Kylie are getting sometimes make Kim feel glad. "There are also times where she's grateful they are taking the spotlight off her, so she can have some semblance of normal life and focus on being a wife and mother," the source added. 

But it has allowed Kim to spend more time with her family (Pinterest)

Meanwhile, there is the role of the big sister that Kim cannot deny of taking charge of. Being a mother of two and the older sister, Kim believes that Kylie is not prepared for taking on the role of a mother. "There’s the big sister part of her that worries that Kylie is just too young to be a mom," said the source. 

Kim believes Kylie has to work towards understanding how motherhood works (Facebook)

The sudden concern of Kim arises after realizing that Kylie has been spending a large part of the time at home. It is believed that the youngest Jenner does not want to come in the limelight as long as the baby is not born.

Kylie (Pinterest)

This also explains Kylie's disappearance from all the Kardashian photos. Also, earlier when reports of Kylie being pregnant surfaced, it was rumored that big sister Kim did not take the news too well. Sources say how it has something to do with Kylie being pregnant at the same time as when she is trying to have a baby through surrogacy. 

She fears Kylie is spending a lot of time alone (Facebook)

Even though Kylie was present for the Kardashians annual Christmas celebration, she was missing from the Christmas card picture that Kim shared on her Instagram. At the same time, while all the sisters clicked a New Year's picture, Kylie was yet again missing from it. 

Kylie has been missing from many family events (Facebook)

During this, Travis has also not been much in the picture due to his busy schedule which is another reason that Kim worries that Kylie will have to take on all the responsibility by herself. It is reported that Kim even spoke to Travis asking him to spend more time with Kylie. 

Kim even spoke to Travis to be more present (Facebook)

“Kim is furious with Travis over his neglectful treatment of her pregnant sister Kylie,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

Travis Scott and Kylie at a game (Pinterest)

The Kardashian-Jenner family are a bit worried since it has only been five months since Kylie and Travis had been together and also the family does not know him too well. The family is reported to be making sure it is not a Blac Chyna situation all over again. Kylie is young and the family just don't want her to get hurt.

“Kim cannot stand how Kylie is being left alone much of the time during the most important time in her life. Kim feels like Kylie does not deserve to be ignored during the final months of her pregnancy so the big sister is stepping up big time."

Kim does not want Kylie to be ignored during pregnancy (Facebook)

In fact, Kim has also been trying her best to uplift Kylie's confidence with her body during her pregnancy. Kim is aware that it is the time, where one goes through a battle of thoughts about themselves and their body and Kim, wants to make sure that she is there for Kylie through it all. 

Kim wants Kylie to regain her body confidence (Facebook)

"Kim loves her sister and has been giving her advice on how to embrace her sexy new pregnancy curves,” a source told Hollywood Life. "Kim has been sharing fashion tips and what types of things not to wear, and which things in her wardrobe that may no longer be flattering as she goes along in her pregnancy." It seems like Kim has taken on the duty of a big sister very well. 

She wants Kylie to be happy in her body (Facebook)

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