After Chrissy Teigan offers to pay McKayla Maroney's fine, more celebs offer help

After Chrissy Teigan offers to pay McKayla Maroney's fine, more celebs offer help

There are hundreds of allegations against the US Gymnastics team's doctor Larry Nasser.

#MeToo movement may have inspired millions of women to speak their truth with regards to their sexual harassment experiences. Further, #TimesUp movement let every pervert out there know that their sexually inappropriate actions will not go unpunished.  

Chrissy Teigen, whom you may know as a supermodel or the funky DJ on Lip Sync Battle or John Legend's better half or even the funniest celebrity Twitter, has come out as the superhero we all dreamed of in the wake of these movements. She has offered to pay the fine that Olympian McKayla Maroney would be charged if she testifies at the trial of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. 

Chrissy Teigen shares McDelivery with the Hoboken Fire Department (Getty Images)

Larry has been accused of sexual harassment by over 140 women, including Olympians Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, and Simone Biles. At least 88 of them are expected to give victim impact statements in court during his trial between Tuesday and Thursday.  

McKayla, who is one of the accusers, may not be able to give the statement, because of a confidential $1.25 million settlement she took against USA Gymnastic in late 2016. In October of 2017 she had revealed on Twitter that she had been harassed by Larry since the age of 13. 

McKayla Maroney of USA poses after winning the Gold medal in the Vault Final on Day Six of the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Belgium 2013 (Getty Images)

If she speaks at the trial, McKayla would be charged a fine of $100,000, and when this report got out, Chrissy tweeted that she would "honored" to pay the fine on McKayla's behalf. She also expressed her infuriation over the whole practice of Non-Disclosure Agreement, especially considering the man in question has more than 100 women accusing him of monstrosities.   

Following Chrissy's generous offer more celebrities jumped in to offer their monetary assistance. Michael Shur, the creator of wholesome, feminist shows such as Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, who goes by the Twitter handle Ken Tremendous offered to go halfsies with Chrissy.   

Kristen Bell attends the 75th Annual Golden Globe Nominations Announcement on December 11, 2017 (Getty Images)

When Kristen Bell saw these beautiful tweets, she also offered to join in. She offered that the trio pay 1/3rd on the potential $100K fine. 

People who saw these generous celebrities' selfless offer, were touched deeply. While most people appreciated it, others offered to contribute in whatever small way they can.  








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