25 celebrities, you didn't know, are bisexual

25 celebrities, you didn't know, are bisexual

Celebrities are always followed around by the paparazzi where they try to catch a glimpse of their lives to capture in their cameras. For this reason, most of them try to keep their private life separate from their professional life. 

However, sometimes the celebs decide to bring something very personal in front of the media because they feel it's better to reveal secrets themselves rather than have a distorted version of it appear on some glamor magazine.

This is exactly what these celebrities decided to do when they revealed to the world that they are bisexual. 

#25 Ke$ha 

Kesha thinks that love is an emotion that does not depend on any gender and that it is the personality of the person that attracts her. There have been several rumors about Kesha dating girls but she has never revealed their names. She is presently dating Brad Ashenfelter.

#24 Jessie J 

Jessie has never come upfront in the media and agreed to any rumors. However, when asked in interviews if she is bisexual, she has told that she hasn't denied it and if she meets someone and likes them, it doesn't matter what gender they are.She was previously dating Luke James. 

#23 Jillian Michaels 

Jillian Michael believes in healthy love. She has told in multiple interviews that one should be in a relationship that makes them feel secure and if someone does make them feel that, it shouldn't matter what gender they are. She has been dating Heidi Rhoades since 2009.

#22 Frenchie Davis 

The American Idol contestant has dated both men and woman and has always accepted that she is a bisexual. However, there were few relationships in which she thought that the women were not alright with the whole idea that she is attracted to boys as well and hence, most of her relationships with a woman haven't lasted. 

#21 Alan Cumming 

Alan was married to Hilary Lyon for eighteen years. However, the marriage ended, after which Alan decided to experiment with homosexuality. He is now married to Grant Shaffer and there were rumors that the marriage between Alan and Hilary ended because he was bisexual. 

#20 Michael Stipe 

Michael had always been open about his sexuality and never felt ashamed to accept it. However, after he admitted it in media there were several occasions where he was made fun of. This led him to not speaking about it and keeping everything else private. However, he is now dating Thomas Dozol. 

#19 Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa describes to tell the world about her sexuality in a grand manner and pretty soon everyone was talking about it. She announced at the Nashville Pride Festival, in front of 18,000 that she is a proud bisexual woman. Vanessa got married to John McCauley in 2013.  

#18 Frank Ocean 

Unlike the other celebrities, Frank decided to write an open letter to the world in order to tell the world about his sexuality. He wrote about his relationship with a guy when he was nineteen years old and how the relationship was. Frank is currently dating Ysham Avdulahi who is a model. 

#17 Margaret Cho

Margaret has been very open about how she sees herself. She refers to herself as gay even though she is married to a man. She has also admitted of dating other women. 

 #16 Marlon Brando

Marlo has accepted in front of the media that he has had many homosexual encounters and he is not ashamed about it. He said he doesn't care what the world might think about it because he doesn't feel he did anything wrong. Marlo was rumored dating James Dean and was married to Tarita Teriipia.

#15 Anna Paquin 

Anna Paquin was one of those who did not care about what the world would say about her sexuality. When she came out to the world she said, "I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual, and I give a damn". Anna Paquin is now married to Stephen Mayor and has two kids. 

#14 Fergie 

In 2012 Fergie confirmed that she is bisexual on Oprah and spoke about her various sexual experiences that she encountered while she was on tour as well as the ones she had in college. Fergie has been married to Josh Duhamel.

#13 Evan Rachel Wood

After playing a lesbian on the hit TV show True Blood, on several occasions, Evan was asked if she has had any relationship with another woman to which Evan replied that she has been in a relationship with both men as well as women. She is now engaged to Zach villa. 

#12 Billie Joe Armstrong 

When Billie was asked in an interview about his sexuality, he told people that he thinks he has always been a bisexual and sees it as a beautiful thing. Billy was rumored of dating Mike Dirnt. 

#11 Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle has always accepted that she is a bisexual. She dated model Cara Delevingne before dating Zac Efron. 

#10 Jodie Foster

Jodie for a long period did not accept that she is a bisexual. She was linked to many people but always denied about her sexuality. The actress dated Rusell Crowe but is now married to Alexandra Hedison.

#9 Megan Fox 

Megan in an interview told she has been in a relationship with a woman whose name was Nikita. Megan described that relationship as a toxic one but did agree that she was attracted to both men and women. She is now married to Brian Austin Green.

#8 Cynthia Nixon

The sex and the city star a few years back admitted openly that she was bisexual. She was in a relationship with Danny Mozes but now is happily married to Christina Marinoni. 

#7 Amber Heard 

The actress has told in an interview that she has been with women and is not ashamed to admit it. Amber was reported dating Francesca Gregorini before she got married to Johnny Depp.

#6 Drew Barrymore 

There have been several reports of Barrymore dating Jane Pratt. Until last year Barrymore was married to Will Kopelman.

#5 Lindsay Lohan 

Lindsay has always been quite open about her lifestyle and has admitted about her relationships. Lindsay has dated singer Samantha Ronson before dating Matt Nordgren.

#4 Miley Cyrus 

Miley has always been in the news and she has never denied about her sexuality. She has come on media and accepted her relationship with Stella Maxwell. However, she is presently dating Liam Hemsworth. They do have quite a history together and hope that this time, they do manage to have their happily ever after! 

#3 Kristen Stewart 

The twilight actress after her breakup with Robert Pattinson came out in front of the world saying that she is bisexual. She is currently in a relationship with Stella Maxwell. They did make quite a sight together, but we cannot say we are unhappy for Robert either!

#2 Angelina Jolie 

There were many reports about Angelina and Lady Gaga having a fling and in few of her interviews, the actress has also agreed about being with women even though she never revealed the name. Angelina recently broke up with Brad Pitt and now they are back together or not, it's just unclear at the moment. If they are indeed together the world would be more beautiful again. 

#1 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie were reported of having a relationship and on several occasions, Lady Gaga has admitted that she has shared relationships with women as well. 

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