20+ movies that you didn't know were based on books

20+ movies that you didn't know were based on books

Movies are often accused of doing the book injustice, but many were actually better than the books they were based on.

Plenty of times, we've heard complaints from book fanatics that the movie did not do the book it was made from, any justice. And frankly, we lean towards their side when it comes to such arguments. Oft-times, because the movies are constrained by budgeting and production schedules, directors have to cut out portions of the book that they deem unnecessary. This means that some of the elements that made the book so intriguing and captivating to read are missing in its entirety from the movie. 

But what about the other side of the argument? Believe it or not, there are numerous movies that are much better than the books they were adapted from. Don't believe us? The following list comprises of 22 movies that you might not know were inspired by books.

#22 Stand By Me

#21 Never Let Me Go

#20 Forrest Gump

#19 Mean Girls 

#18 How to Train Your Dragon

#17 Fight Club

#16 Jaws

#15 Blade Runner


#14 Planet of the Apes

#13 The Prestige

#12 The Silence of the Lambs


#11 The Wolf of Wall Street

#10 Clockwork Orange

#9 World War Z

#8 Die Hard

#7 Mrs. Doubtfire

#6 Shawshank Redemption

#5 American Psycho

#4 Scarface

#3 Slumdog Millionaire

#2 The Exorcist

#1 Shrek 

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