12 things we need to say to our daughters before they turn 13

12 things we need to say to our daughters before they turn 13

All a parent wants to do is love and protect their child and also to fill them with all the knowledge and advice in the world

When daughters hit the start of their teenage years, things can suddenly go off beat and as a parent, you could find yourself butting heads with your daughter a lot. It is totally natural for your child to go through a rebellious phase and you must let her know that whatever it is you are always going to be there. 

These are 12 things that we need to say to our daughters before they turn 13: 

#12 Always believe that you can

Encourage your daughter to stand strong (Source: Shutterstock) 

The one thing we need to remind our daughters of is the fact that they can do literally anything they set their mind to. No matter what other people say, no matter how much other people put you down, we will always want our daughters to shrug it off and stand tall. With some self-confidence and belief, there is no telling the heights to which our daughters will reach and achieve. 

#11 Remember to have fun

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Life can get tough and serious but it is always crucial to remember to have fun. What is the point of life if you aren't having fun and enjoying whatever little bit you can? We need to tell our daughters to hang easy and always look out for all the bright and happy things that life has to offer. 

#10 Friendship and popularity are not the same

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It is important for all parents to take the time out and get to know the friends of their kids. Friendship and popularity are most definitely not the same things. Young 12-year-old girls are at the age where they want to be accepted and fit in but at the same time, it is a must to know what sort of crowd they are falling into. 

#9 It is not okay to make fun of how people look

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We must encourage our daughters to accept and be inclusive of people of all kinds, no matter whether they are fat or skinny, rich or poor. In a world where the standards of good looking are so strictly defined, it is crucial that we teach our daughters to never judge a person by how they look as that is not something that they can control. Raising daughters who accept people regardless of the way they look is a must. 

#8 Their opinion is always valued

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It is very important to let our daughters know that what they say and what they think definitely holds some value and it is important to encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions. There could be times when we may not agree with their opinions but the fact is to let them know that there is always value in what they say. 

#7 Rules may not make sense now, but someday they will 

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When daughters turn 13, some of them tend to really hit that rebellious phase where they can lash out at those around them. It is a parent's job to set some rules and boundaries for the children to follow and even though the parents will be met resistance, those rules are a must. There will come a point where the children will understand why their parents set the rules that they did. 

#6 It is a parent's job to say no

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Don't get panicky if your daughter reacts every time you say the word no to her. It is a parent's job to say no and make sure that their child is growing up to be a good, considerate human being. You could find yourself going head to head with your teenage daughter and you have to explain that it is your job to keep your child safe which sometimes means saying no. 

#5 Always remember who you are and what values you hold

Let her know that she is a valuable individual (Source: Shutterstock)

Encourage your daughter to always keep in mind who she is and what values she stands for. Let her know that she is a valuable individual who has her own opinions and that she should always stand proud. Letting your child know and believe this will help them in dealing with unpleasant people or unpleasant situations. 

#4 Never resort to drugs

 Turning to drugs as a way to be happy is a strict no-no (Source: Shutterstock)

No matter what direction that life takes you in, turning to drugs as a way to be happy is a strict no-no. This is something your daughter needs to know. What would make sense is to help your child realize that you are there for your child no matter what they do and all they need to do is tell you. Giving up and turning to substance abuse is not going to solve any life problem and your daughter should know that. 

#3 Keep your clothes on at all times

Encourage your daughter to exhibit mature and smart behavior (Source: Shutterstock)

In any sort of situation, encourage your daughter to exhibit mature and smart behavior. Stripping it all off is not going to make other people think that you are cooler and parents need to tell their daughters this. You can be very cool and popular even with all of your clothes kept on.

#2 There is nothing wrong with saying you are sorry

It is perfectly natural to make mistakes (Source: Shutterstock)

The biggest lesson that we need to teach our daughters is that there is nothing wrong to admit to someone that you are sorry. People are human and it is perfectly natural to make mistakes. You do not lose any amount of your ego when you apologize to someone. In fact, saying sorry can be the start of a beautiful relationship. 

#1 Your parents will love you the way you are 

Parents will always love and support them (Source: Shutterstock) 

Our daughters need to remember that their parents will always love and support them for who they are. Other people may or may not be nice but the one thing that our daughters can count on is their parent's unconditional love. There is no need for them to change anything about themselves but to stay true to who they are.

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