What does your hairstyle say about your personality?

What does your hairstyle say about your personality?

Your choice of your hairstyle says a lot about your personality and here we reveal what exactly it does say.

Here, we reveal how your personality is associated with your hairstyle and how a particular hairstyle which you choose for yourself reveals a lot about the kind of person you are.

#1 Beach waves

If this is the hairstyle you sport, chances are that you are on the creative side of things. High on energy, your thoughts and ideas flow like the curls of your hair, swirling, enticing and captivating. The one thing that matters most to you is friendship and as your hairstyle clearly depicts, you are an open person, accessible and sensitive to other people's needs.

#2 Sleek, high ponytails

A sleek and high ponytail is indicative of a driven and a goal-oriented personality. You are more likely to be on the logical side of thoughts and fair in your deals. Your hairstyle reveals a very business-like personality and yet it is elegant in its own way. This creates a mysterious aura around you and though you might not be intimidating, people would rather not bother you needlessly. This saves you a lot of drama and you like it that way.

#3 Bouncy curls

A care-free laid back life is just the kind of thing you'd love as your natural curls reveal the spontaneous and easy-going personality which you possess. It is obvious that you like having fun but only with those who mean something to you. Though you are not a reserved person, you do keep your distance from the melodramatic sort and if there's one thing you hate the most, is toxicity of thought, words, and action. You are better off without them.

#4 Voluminous locks

A strong will is the hallmark of your personality and it is evident from the thick, luscious hair you have. While some may see you as stubborn, it's actually your desire to achieve that drives you. The best aspect of your personality is your straight-forward nature and the one thing that you just can't stand is manipulative behavior.

#5 Shoulder-length cut 

A practical person, your medium-length hair reflects the logical side of your personality. You may be very competitive also but that aspect is balanced by the sportsmanship you possess. Highly ethical at heart, you are a person who goes by their guts and reveals only what is necessary and relevant. You like this style as it brings out the no non-sense side of your personality which is quite rare indeed.

#6 You wear it straight

Your straight hair gives an impression of slightly conservative mentality but contrary to that you have a personality which is spontaneous, bubbly and ready for fun. A straight-forward approach to things without the added drama makes you love common sense and you would also be attracted to people who like being honest, curt and on point.

#7 Cropped cut

Clearly, you are not the one to be bound by the societal norms of women having long hair. You have a style of your own and you own it with pride (not arrogance). A confident person, you are also highly driven in your professional life. Short and sweet, your hair reveals the fun-loving side of your personality which is complemented by your cool professional take on life.

#8 Fiery red hair

Fiercely passionate, you literally glow like a hot ball of fire. Be it natural or dyed, red color can be associated with your vibrant and vivacious personality or it could also reveal the dangerous side of you, which is your rage when provoked. The one thing you absolutely fear is rejection but the fact is that your personality is more attractive and worth staying for. So, paint the town red as you know you can.

#9 You curl your straight hair

A constant urge to curl your hair, which is actually straight, means that you may be looking for more spunk and flamboyance in your life. The change in hairstyle is indicative of a need for change in life and it may just be the experiences that you have had that make you wish for a change. But it's extremely good as you are ready for a change, unlike others who don't even dare to.

#10 You straighten your curly hair

If you find yourself straightening your curls, more often than not, it may indicate your need to tame the chaos in your life. It may be your career or personal life or maybe just your thoughts which is chaotic but you know you can tame it and that is what you do when you put your hair straight, you get your life straight and add balance to it.

#11 Lots of layers

Layers are difficult to pull off and needs the care to appear a certain way. The effort and time it takes to be right shows that you are the sort of person who would work hard and with patience to achieve what you see as perfection. Clearly, a perfectionist is what you would appear and it's exactly what your inner-self is driven to achieve.

#12 You like your color tones

Unafraid to try something new, the different color tones of your hair show the various things you are ready to try. It brings out your exploratory nature and your desire to stand out. Novelty is something you value immensely and if there's one thing you hate, it has to be stagnation, in career and in life.

#13 A sharp bob

A go-getter and a dreamer, you are the sort of person who is on-point all the time. Your choice of hairstyle reflects your no-nonsense approach to life and the pragmatism of your personality. It's an aim that drives you, an aim which is personal to you and you are exactly the sort of person who would go out and achieve it.

#14 An unconventional haircut

Clearly, thinking out of the box is your thing but you match it with your personality. The very fact that you can pull off an unconventional haircut reveals that you are the sort of person who is unafraid of putting out their opinions and standing by them. Take it or leave it, is the way you operate and that in itself a rare quality to possess.

#15 Messy, carefree locks

This hairstyle reveals that you are the sort of person who is in touch with her spiritual side. A sort of creative energy flows out of you and the carefree nature of your hair reflects the carefree side of your personality as well. Not the one to quibble over trivialities, you are the person looking for depth and substance, foregoing the style.

#16 Super short hairdo

Who cares for a life filled with stress? Not you for sure. A super short hairdo gets rid of a lot of maintenance issue and frees you to be something more than you are. You are, thus, the one who is sassy, bold and driven, yet humble by your very nature. A person who is spontaneous and deep at the same time, you are a rarity in words, thoughts, and action. Don't trust us on this, look into a mirror and you'll know you are different.

#17 A complicated hairstyle

High-maintenance is the word that comes to mind when one looks at a complicated hairdo but that's exactly what you are not. High maintenance means that you expect someone else to cater to your needs while you are the person who is more than capable of handling yourself. It also shows that you pay attention to what you like and you don't mind going the extra mile to feel and look the way you want to. If this is not the example of an independent, self-aware woman then we really don't know what is.

#18 Shaved head

Bold and beautiful, the woman who knows herself and is confident of her personality is exactly who you are. Clearly, you are not the one to be bound by the norms of society and once you have broken the shackles of conformity, your true self, emerges in the most beautiful way. You know you pull off this look and the truth is that the rebel in you loves you for this very fact.

#19 Messy buns

'It's my hair and I choose not to care!', well, this may be one way to look at it while the other way could be, 'I look great the way I am'. Either way, the messiness of your hair reflects the chaos of your soul. Not the chaos which disrupts but the one which soothes and creates. Messy on the outside and thoughtful from within, you are an enigma worthy of true appreciation.

#20 Grey hair

The granny look is not for everyone. It takes confidence and self-belief to embrace this hairstyle and a poise, suited for the most independent personalities, to pull it off. The one aspect that makes you stand out is that you will forever be someone who loves herself and loves the way you look, irrespective of the color and the grey one is just the style you know how to rock!

#21 An atypical hair color

A rebel, anarchist or someone who just loves the brightness of her hair, you could be all at the same time. It takes a lot to try out dyes and especially colors which stand out. Clearly, it shows your self-belief and the confidence you have in your own personality. It is never about seeking attention but always about staying true to what attracts you yourself. Not everyone can do it but you can and therein lies a world of difference.

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