The world's most expensive virgins! Or at least they were...virgins, that is

The world's most expensive virgins! Or at least they were...virgins, that is

Losing your virginity is a big milestone in your life. It is something you will remember forever. Everyone has different views on how they would like to lose their virginity. Here are some women who charged people to help them lose their virginity, and it wasn't cheap!

1. Rosie Reid, £8,400

It was her first time with a man. It is reported that her lesbian lover stood outside the door while Rosie crossed her milestone

Source: RVCJ

2. Alina Percea, £8,800

 She used the money for a trip to Venice. She even went for two medical exams just to prove her "purity" before the big event.


3. Unigirl, $32,000

She was a financially-struggling New Zealand student trying to pay her college fees. She was extremely grateful for the money and went on to pursue her studies.

Source: Pinterest

4. Cathy Cobblerson, $100,000

She put up her virginity for sale on eBay. The auction was taken down and it is unknown if she pursued it or not.

Source: Bebi Viral

5. Miss Spring $430,000

She tried to sell her virginity on eBay in 2010. Despite the fact that eBay took down her ad, she managed to get in touch with her two highest bidders and the auction continued on Hungarian television.

Source: OMG - blogger

6. Elizabeth Raine, $801,000

A 27-year-old medical student who received a bid of $801,000 eventually called off the auction when the bidder did not end up paying. She returned to her studies.

Source: PagalParrot

7. Graciela Yataco, $1,3000,000

This model from Peru sold her virginity to the highest bidder in order to help pay for her mother's medical bills and brother's tuition fees.

Source: FanPix.Net - FamousFix

8. Catarina Migliorini, $780,000

Source: Mangalore Today

9. Raffaella Fico, $1.8 million

A 20-year-old Italian model put her virginity up for auction to buy a house in Rome in order to pursue an acting career.

Source: Twitter

10. Natalie Dylan $3.8 million

She used the money to fund her master's degree. In 2008, she set up a private auction through a legal brothel in Nevada. Her highest bidder offered her $3.8 million, lucky her! 

Source: Oddee