How do you know when to stop drinking? When you look like one of the people in these 20+ pics

How do you know when to stop drinking? When you look like one of the people in these 20+ pics

After a long week, there's no better feeling than letting your hair down and hitting the town with your friends. The booze flows freely and tongues start wagging. You forget about all your worries and just have a great time with your buddies, dancing, talking and reminiscing about times past.

But it's also very, very important to know your limit; to know when exactly to stop. You do not want to be one of those people who drinks too much, pukes your lungs out, and passes out on the floor, leaving your friends to carry you back home. It's not just about knowing your limits, but also respecting them. But how do you know when to stop? A good litmus test is if you ever have looked like the people in any of these pics...

#30 "And then he me!"

#29 She's waiting for the excess to drip from the sides. Clearly.

#28 We don't know what's worse, that he's passed out, or that he's passed out after drinking Bud Light

#27 Is that excitement in his eyes? Or is it horror?

#26 'Hey guys, you wanna see me become a puppet master?'

#25 PSA: The carpet makes for a very nice blanket

#24 The look of a man who's seen it ALL

#23 What are friends for, really?

#22 How sweet, they're holding hands while sleeping

#21 He must be remembering every single bad memory in one go

#20 We feel bad for the pizza that went uneaten

#19 The faces of instant regret and pure satisfaction in one single picture

#18 We doubt this will end well

#17 This one actually doesn't look too bad

#16 Okay, who had this bright idea?

#15 We'd like to know the events that happened leading up to this

#14 Vodka and ice? Why not?

#13 Sunny side up?

#12 'Noooooooooo, don't leave me!'

#11 'Mmmm, this door is yummy'

#10 That looks comfy

#9 Not driving while drunk. That's what we call being responsible.

#8 He's doing everything he was told he's too old to do

#7 'No Steve, you CANNOT have sex with the tree'

#6 Park benches do feel awfully comfortable when you're drunk

#5 This cozy corner seems the perfect place to pass out

#4 Wait, what?!

#3 The dog is questioning his life's decisions leading up to this point

#2 'Ah, yes. Very nice to meet you. Jolly good fellow this guy.'

#1 We can't even...

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