This is what your favorite color reveals about your personality

The color we choose is also the color that chooses us. Here we reveal the primary traits of people based on their favorite color.

Our mind is instantly attracted towards a particular color, when we look at a number of colors, based on our personality. There will always be one color that will catch your eye more often than others; there'll always be one color that you will pick over others, and it's something you do unconsciously, without ever knowing why that particular color attracts you more than the other colors.

The colors, therefore, are directly associated with your personality and here we would like to bring out the primary personality traits based on your favorite color. 

Note: Due to space constraints, we have selected the more popular choices and we apologize if you don't find your favorite color in the list.

#1 Blue

Blue is the color of the sky and it is reflected by the oceans. It is a color which speaks of serenity and calm. Blue is a color which is warm and comfortable.

If blue is your favorite color, then you have a personality which is deep and thoughtful. You are spiritually inclined and are peaceful by nature.


Your personality, in turn, makes you a person who is kind, compassionate, gentle and most of all, understanding. You are the kind of person who would never judge and that's the kind of self-awareness that reflects your personality.

#2 Red

Red is the color of passion and courage. Red is vivid, vibrant and vivacious. It is both the sign of love and danger.

Red, in itself, has characteristics which make it incredibly dynamic. So, if red is your favorite color, then you are a blend of unconditional love and relentless fury.

When you give, you don't hold back but when threatened, you can unleash wrath like few have ever seen. Your inner-self is dynamic and alive, with love pulsating through your veins and a fire raging in your heart.

#3 Orange

Orange is flamboyant, fun and a lively color. It is a color which pleases the eye and is warm to look at.

It is a color which invites and a color which excites. If Orange is your favorite color, then you are the kind of person who always finds themselves as the center of attention, whether you wish for it or not.

It happens because your personality makes you humble, sweet, spontaneous and popular at the same time. People can't help but get attracted to your personality and you will always find yourself loved, all because of who you are.