12 lessons everyone can learn from life's dark curveballs

12 lessons everyone can learn from life's dark curveballs

Life is an art, a skill acquired through experience. But there are some lessons in life that you learn only through pain. Here are some painful truths that nobody talks about, but are only learned through the adverse experiences.

#12 The world only cares about what it can get from you.

Everyone's selfish. Everybody is self-centered. The quicker you realize this truth, the better it will be because only then will you realize that nobody will come to save you or be around you all the time. Not even your parents, not even your children will be there forever. There will be a time when you will have nobody but yourself to save you. That will be the moment when you will know that the only solid truth there is: you are your own hero. Remember no one's against you. They're just in it for themselves.


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#11 Don't wish the game was easier...wish that you were better

It's easy to complain about life being unfair and that you're at the receiving end. Ever wondered why all bad things happen to you and nobody else? Guess what? Change. Dust off the dirt, rise up and try again. Because you cannot compare your life story with anyone else's. It's your journey alone. Instead of crying about it, try raising your level and move on.

#10 You are very, very likely, not that special

We are all the same. You are replaceable. There will always be someone who is going to be better than you. What you can only be is a better version of yourself and that too if you make an effort. Only then you can rise above mediocrity and be better than the rest. But in the end, it isn't even about being better than the rest. The competition is against you and you alone.


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#09 The older you grow, the harder it will be to find time for yourself

Time's about to start going FAST and only get faster. Years will fly by. It's easy to get into a routine and look back and realize you didn't do all the stuff you wanted to. Don't wait for the weekend and don't wait for the 'right time' to come by. The time is NOW. You better start doing. Don't forget to find time for yourself.

#8 There is always loads of month left at the end of the money

Your salary will never be enough. Your hard-earned money will vanish and you won't even know how and when it happened. Don't run after money because it will never be enough. Make sure you are living life and never let money become your priority.

Your work is a subset of life and not the other way round.

#7 Love isn't enough to make a relationship work

Romance will end. The initial fluttery feeling of love will evaporate. What will sustain you will be stability and a whole lot of patience and never-ending commitment for one another no matter what may come. A whole lot of hard-work and understanding is needed to survive in love.

#6 There will never be enough time, but there will be time

There are people on the planet right now who think you are old. On the flipside, there are people on the planet who think you are young and have all the time in the world. The truth is in the middle somewhere. You have plenty of time, it's not too late to do what you have to do, but you still need to work on figuring that out before it gets buried in priorities you don't even know about yet.

Find time for yourself no matter how busy you are. Inner rejuvenation is as important as your work.

#5 The world isn't a crappy place after all

The world isn't as cold or cruel as it is made out to be. Not everyone out there hates your guts. Yes, there is a majority who really suck, but that's not your area to worry about. Live your life the way you want. Plant goodness in lives around you and worry not about what others do. Even if someone did something really mean to you, it reflects their inner dank world and not yours. Life is happening for you, not against you.

#4 Humility doesn't sell...Live Large!

Ever wondered why that over-the-top dude at workplace soars and get's all the appreciation and you don't? Living in the shadows won't take you far mate. Live loud. Live like a king and make your presence feel everywhere you go. Like Winston Churchill said, "History will be kind to me because I intend to write it."


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#3 Society wants you in the mire...don't!

The music videos and commercials want you to have a certain lifestyle, or a certain car, or a certain house. Young people sometimes fall prey to unrealistic expectations. Society wants you to have things you don't really need. You must recognize "need" vs "want" and understand the difference. Don't let the ad companies sucker you, don't fall prey to the agenda of other people or businesses.

#2 You are not as smart as you think you are.

Even if you are, nobody cares. Unless it is helping someone.

#1 Forget everything you've read above

Focus on what you really want and what you enjoy, suck up the hard times and do what you have to do, and things really will improve. Your life is yours truly. Don't let the opinions of others or outward influences dictate your life. Inspiration is everywhere. Just figure out yourself and you shall figure out everything else later. Stress less because everything will fall into place.


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No matter how happy life may look for you right now, don't forget that it doesn't take more than a moment for life to turn upside down. Life is unfair, as are people. Nature is unforgiving. The only way out and upwards is embracing brutal hard realities and adjust and continue living to your best abilities.