The top Instagram angels who'll make you leave that couch in a jiffy!

The top Instagram angels who'll make you leave that couch in a jiffy!

Who doesn’t want a great, bubbly booty to show-off? Everyone does, right! But the motivation and training required to get that perfect look hard work indeed. Call it lack of motivation or whatever, getting that beautiful a*s takes a lot of will.

So, get off that couch and get started on the fit trip and to keep the motivation pumping, we have curated a list of the finest booties of Instagram that will help you stay eagle-eyed towards your goal.

 #15 Angelica Kathleen

This hot-as-hell vegan is a trainer, based in LA, with over 185k followers on Instagram, who has also made a name for herself as a bikini model. Looking at that a*s only adds merit to her workout regimes and training methods, we say.

#14 Jessica Arevalo

Bodybuilder by profession, Jessica is a fitness trainer who regularly posts about her workout routines on Youtube. Looking at the videos, we come face-to-face with her gritty personality and her grueling exercise sessions that need a serious load of b*lls to get started with. Must say, we are mighty impressed.

#13 Melissa Molinaro

Once touted as a Kim Kardashian look alike, Melissa has come a long way and proven her mettle in the booty game.With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, this Canada based singer, songwriter and now designer, also featured in a controversial Old Navy advertisement that created ripples in the entertainment industry. With her smashing looks and oh-so-gorgeous butt, we'd say she has a long way to go.

#12 Sami B

The girl who calls herself the mean machine, 28-year old Sami from Ohio, is passionate about fitness and nutrition since a very young age. Her goal? To motivate and encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We are listening.

#11 Jeanette Jenkins

President and founder of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company, this 27-year-old gorgeous beauty is also a certified health coach.She has trained some famous names like Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland and a host of other celebrities. Need we add more credit to her claims?

#10 Jessie Delgado

All of just 5 ft and 5 inches, Jessie packs a mean punch for her size. Other than her famous butt, she is also a known figure in the American Amateur Wrestling circuit.

#9 Yovanna Ventura

This beach beauty from Miami has got all the right moves to crack it in the modeling industry-her fabulously toned derrière, sun-kissed glowing looks and a physique that would make you look again. She has already walked the runways for bikini and swimsuit fashion houses and is looking forward to more. Way to go, you beauty!

#8 Brittany Perille Yobe

Her shocking transformation within few months after she delivered her child, made her an instant hit. If you are looking to start your training, you can start by looking at her training videos that can rev up the laziest of people in one go. 

#7 Sommer Ray

This Colorado born hazel-eyed stunner is a bikini model and fitness icon who inspires more than 16.1 million people with her fitness videos and training regimes.

#6 Kali Burns

A dancer and a follower of the proactive lifestyle, 20-year-old Kali from Sydney, dreams of hitting it off with Beyoncè one day on stage. With her dance videos and hard-to-unsee butt gyrating to a song? We think she is going to grab the spotlight real soon. 

#5 Amanda Elise Lee

Canadian personal trainer and fitness model, Amanda is an Instagram star, who's curvy appearance looks like God's gift from above. But all said and done, it is her fitness routine that has blessed her with curves likes these and we are jealous AF!

#4 Jen Selter

Jennifer Leigh Selter, 24, is the original Booty queen who started the Belfie (butt selfie) trend across social media. Her outdoor workouts are all the rage and if you aren't a fan of the gym, this girl is your inspiration right here. 

#3 Bruna Rangel Lima

This Brazillian hottie drove the world crazy with her cooking lessons she posted on Instagram that displayed her to-die-for booty in all its glory. With that, she has amassed more than 1.6 million followers across her social media platforms-thanks to her jaw-droppingly beautiful pictures.

#2 Lyzabeth Lopez

This Venezuelan nutritionist is an award winning master trainer based in Canada. Known for her holistic living approach, her famous derrière is all the rage over the internet.

#1 Alysia Magen

Air Force dental hygienist & bikini athlete by profession, Alysia is a 25-year-old UK based beauty who strongly believes in eating healthy and being disciplined in order to get the body of your dreams. Nothing new in that, except her fitness routines truly motivating to get it moving. 

Who is your favorite among them all? Share your answers in the comment section below and let us know what are your booty-sculpting goals.