Roller coasters are clearly not meant for everybody!

Roller coasters are clearly not meant for everybody!

Sometimes, people do things that they are not always too keen on and it looks like this!

The thrill and adrenaline rush that one gets out of roller coasters cannot be denied. Some people live for it and will go on the most daring rides which are sure to make most of our stomachs churn. However, roller coasters are not for everyone, and sometimes it is too late to get out of what you have got yourself into. 

These are 21 pictures which show you just how much some people regretted getting on to the ride: 

#21 The things you do for your children

#20 Looks like she was just NOT into it

#19 It looks as though he is about to projectile vomit, careful ladies! 

#18 That look of "Why the hell am I here?" 

#17 The lady in the front and the back are on the same level

#16 Where is the thrill?

#15 Yep, that face

#14 When you finally look at the drop 

#13 It's as though she is holding her jaw from falling

#12 The roller coaster is not for all

#11 Closing your eyes does not help

#10 A scene from the Exorcist!

#9 Like father, not like son?!

#8 What a great ad for the theme park.

#7 Poor little thing

#6 Her eyes are going to pop out of her face

#5 That is such an unfortunate picture

#4 Full steam ahead!

#3 It looks like they are in space!

#2 Just total despair

#1 The face captures it all!

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