Psychic who predicted Donald Trump win and Las Vegas massacre has something to tell you about 2018...and it's not good

Psychic who predicted Donald Trump win and Las Vegas massacre has something to tell you about 2018...and it's not good

Craig-Hamilton Parker used his supposed psychic abilities to predict some of the events that shook the world in 2017. He's at it again, this time for 2018.

Craig Hamilton-Parker will not be a familiar name to many. The Southampton-born psychic and self-proclaimed prophet publishes a list of predictions each year which have all been quite accurate so far. It can be argued that most of his predictions are made in a wide-sweeping and vague manner so that it blankets all possible scenarios but some are to the point and unsettling in their precision.

Every year he publishes these claims on his website, Parker makes his predictions for the coming year in the September of the previous year, and the mystic has recently generated a lot of traction on social media for the claims he made concerning what would happen in the world in 2017.

Parker is a self-proclaimed prophet (Source:

His blanket prediction for the year involved claiming that it will be a year of economic troubles and great social unrest with violent rioting and great suffering for the poorest in society; something that could arguably apply to every year in the past decade. However, some of his more focused predictions did come true.

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Island of Ischia this August (Source: Getty)

Amongst a long list of predictions which he got correct were ones such as Hillary Clinton's imminent retirement from politics following her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections – she has taken a break from politics; volcanic problems around the area of Vesuvius and the Island of Ischia – a deadly 4.2 magnitude Earthquake hit the region on August 22, 2017; rising problems for the Italian Banks and economy; the US becoming politically divided between the West and the East; and escalating conflict between North Korea and the US. He also predicted the Las Vegas mass-shooting.

He claimed that Pope Francis would get assassinated (Source: Catholic News)

However, he did get some notable predictions completely wrong. One such claim was that Shakespeare's body would be exhumed and show that he was poisoned, with clues to a new play also found. Others were a biological attack against a school by terrorists, and an assassination and kidnapping attempt on the pope.

Keeping these in mind, he has released a similar list of predictions for 2018. Categories included ones such as environment, world conflicts and terrorism, economy, USA, UK, and other broad general psychic themes.

Is California set for more wildfires? (Source: Getty)

From the environmental standpoint, he suggests a volcanic eruption could force the evacuation of Naples, the Southern seas being impassable due to a massive break from an ice shelf in Antartica, and wildfires consuming California and Australia. Mount Vesuvius previously erupted in 1979, to disastrous consequences, and residents of Italy will be hoping that he gets that prediction wrong.

He says Kim Jong-un will be overthrown by his own people and killed (Source: Getty)

The most notable claims in the long list of terrorism predictions were the toppling of the North Korean government and death of Kim Jong-un at the hands of his own people, a world flu epidemic, a rapid militarization of Japan, massive bitcoin fraud with the implication of a major American company, and a chemical attack on a major European city such as London or Berlin.

The economic predictions made for a grim reading as well. The Italian banking crisis is expected to cause many citizens to lose their homes in a scene reminiscent from the recession that hit the world in the late 2000s, a plummeting of the value of the Euro, and both Denmark and Italy pulling out of the European Union.

An attempted impeachment of Donald Trump is expected to fail (Source: Getty)

Concerning the US, he suggests that an attempted impeachment of President Donald Trump will fail, making him even more popular. He also predicts that the Mexico wall will not be built by bricks, but will instead consist of an army of drones and sensors. On the cards for the country are also a massive trade deal with the UK and a terrorist attack on one of its warships. On the slightly brighter side, Melania Trump and her grandchildren are expected to release a song to help raise funds for a charitable cause.

Will Prince Harry finally announce his engagement? (Source: Getty)

In the UK, he says Theresa May will stay in power and that the country will thrive despite the impending Brexit and world economic problems. A new political party is also expected to be formed and the country will be a victim of a massive terror attack. With regards to the royal family, he says Prince Harry will announce his engagement.

In a broader sense, he says that the age of materialism will finally pass in the coming years and that soon, traditional religions will fail. He predicts millions to forsake Islam by 2025 and a similar number to leave Christianity as well. In his words: "By 2050 the world will have entered the Golden Age when higher consciousness and miraculous living are possible." Take from it what you may.

Parker makes his predictions in September each year (Source: YouTube)

While it can be applauded that he has gotten so many of his predictions right, those with a keen-eye and who have browsed through his blog will have noticed the constant repetition of the phrase "I'm not infallible". It's nothing more than a poorly disguised attempt at being humble, absolving him of any ridicule for blatantly wrong predictions.

He also repeatedly claims that the vague predictions of natural disasters that did not come to fruition in a given year will happen in the coming years; simply playing with the law of averages. While rarely taking the loss, he unabashedly claims credit for all the predictions he has gotten correct - a win-win situation. 


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