Meet Martina Big, the white glamour model who got massive breast implants and now 'identifies as a black woman'

Meet Martina Big, the white glamour model who got massive breast implants and now 'identifies as a black woman'

Martina Big is a German model who first gained infamy for her massive 32 S breasts (size 70 in the US). Having possessed 32 D breasts since the seventh grade, she decided to use it to become increasingly popular, eventually spending over £50,000 on cosmetic surgery to enhance her chest further.

But she's now hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, claiming that after having certain medical procedures since January 2017 to 'change her appearance fundamentally,' she now 'identifies as a black woman'.

The 28-year-old used to be a flight attendant and used tanning injections and a 50-tube sunbed to darken her skin, hair, eyes, and eyebrows darkened and subsequently went to the government to have her ethnicity officially changed to 'Black'.

Martina says she's now 80% black (Source: Barcroft Media)

She recently appeared on US talk programme The Maury Show and told the host, Maury Povich, that she was the "proud owner of black skin". She continued: "If they start fading, I won't feel less black. I will ask them for more. I am black. That is my race. I can't wait to go to Africa because I hear the food is tasty. It's better to be black, the feeling inside is just better."

Martina met her husband in high school (Source:

Her husband's tanning to become black as well (Source: Barcroft Media)

She described herself as "80% black", and says that her husband, who she met while she was still in high school, has followed suit and has also used tanning injections upon himself.

Asked if she thought her actions had offended those who were born black, she said: "I know some feel attacked, but it's not my intention. I do it for myself and only talk to people who want to talk with me about this."

How she looked before surgery (Source:


She was a flight attendant before becoming a model (Source:

How she looked when she started out (Source:


Martina when she first moved to the US (Source: Barcroft Media)

The model first had surgery in December 2012 and fulfilled her 'lifelong dream' of having a breast enhancement so she could have an extravagant barbie figure and become a big-boobed glamour model. She then had further surgeries to have her legs, hips, and waist narrowed and says her idol has been Pamela Anderson. 

Martina before her breast enhancement (Source: Barcroft Media)

Martina wants the biggest boobs in the world (Source: Barcroft Media)

Her next goal is to become the Guinness World Record holder for having the largest breasts, with her breasts measuring in at 49.6 inches, while her underbust measurement is 26.8ins.

She said: "When the difference between above and below gets 2 inches bigger, I will have the biggest breasts in the world and will be in the Guinness Book."

Martina's plans were met with severe opposition (Source: Barcroft Media)

When she first came out with her plans of transforming herself into a black woman, she was unsurprisingly met with a wave of criticism, with many suggesting she might have a mental illness and that it wasn't simply possible for someone to change their ethnicity like that.

She says she doesn't know why people are upset (Source: Barcroft Media)

In a Facebook post, she wrote a response to her critics, which read: "I do not understand why some people are so upset? My transformation to a black woman was successful! I really do not want to offend anyone! I find the black women so beautiful. You can not imagine what a great feeling it is becoming more and more a black woman. My transformation is not only external. I can clearly feel as well the inner of my body becomes more and more African."

It really is difficult to gauge if this is a publicity stunt or that she genuinely believes she's now an actual Black woman.

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