25 people who were lucky enough to bump into their doppelgangers!

25 people who were lucky enough to bump into their doppelgangers!

So meeting your doppelganger can go two ways, either it will be the coolest thing ever or it could be plain-simple weird. The thought of looking at yourself sans mirror has to be strange yet exciting. It's a situation that calls for mixed emotions.

Here are 25 people who were beyond happy to bump into their doppelgangers:

#25 Doppelgangers? Na...I'm sure they are twins

#24 I don't think they were too thrilled

#23 When your reflection turns out to be real...

#22 When life gets a bit too close for comfort

#21 The day I found my doppelganger, I was like wut?!

#20 When two look like one. 

#19 Isn't it weird that they were both wearing the same t-shirt too?!

#18 My Christmas present was another version of me

#17 Me and I decided to take a vacation!

#16 The only difference is their height


#15 I wonder why they were both so sullen

#14 When you take twinning to a whole new level

#13 Maybe they were related in their past life?!

#12 When the baldies get together!

#11 Hi there, me.

#10 When you know you can pull off that mustache well

#9 Can you spot the difference?!

#8 The party just got SO much better!

#7 Even the shades are the same...

#6 Destiny wouldn't have it any other way!

#5 Me, Myself & I 

#4 Just in the mall with my doppelganger

#3 Nice that they decided to have a beer together

#2 In flight selfie with my doppelganger!

#1 Yep, buy one and get one free!

Bet you wish you could meet your doppelganger, right?! Well don't forget to send us the pictures the day you do end up bumping into your look alike. 

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