Heroic officer buys diapers for mom caught stealing them

Heroic officer buys diapers for mom caught stealing them

Single mothers have to be brave and strong for their children. Many juggle the responsibilities of having a full-time job along with raising a child, almost always sacrificing their comfort and well-being in the process. This also means that they're often pushed to resort to desperate measures as this one mom in Laurel, Maryland found out the hard way.

Luckily for her, a hero cop would come to her rescue.

The young mother, whose name the police department have not released for privacy purposes, had purchased groceries, but found herself short on cash when it came to purchasing some much-needed diapers for her infant son.

Security officers at the supermarket, however, caught her red-handed in the act of shoplifting the two packs of diapers worth around $15, according to a statement by the Laurel Police Department.

Instead of arresting the woman, Officer Bennett Johns set an example on how you repair the fractured relationship between the authorities and the community.

He would use his own money to buy the diapers for her so that her young child would not suffer.

In a post on Facebook commending the officer's actions, the department said, "Though we often joke that our field trainees are still in diapers, it turns out that rookie Officer Johns was not buying these for himself," accompanied by a picture of him buying the diapers.

Laurel Police Department spokeswoman Audrey Barnes said that officer John realized the woman was struggling to provide for her son, and as someone who grew up with a single mother, he hoped his actions, though small, would lead to the child having a better life.

The department also commented on how this was just one of the way's they pushed to establish more meaningful relationships with residents, even when there's no crisis happening.

But the woman was still issued a criminal citation for theft, and she will have to appear in court for the misdemeanor.

There were comments questioning whether the citation could prove costly, and they did have some merit to them:

But most of the comments were overwhelmingly positive and of praise for the officer's good deed:

The city has since advised the woman refer to an advocacy service that helps struggling families in the area.

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