This is what your fingernails reveal about your personality



This is what your fingernails reveal about your personality

Different fingernails are associated with different personality traits. Here we describe what each of them stands for.

Physical features are as much a part of a person's personality as their thoughts and actions. Your features are something you are aware of and you see them every day, so, consciously and subconsciously, your personality incorporates your physical features to make you the person you are. Believe it or not, even the smallest features of a person can reveal a lot about their personality and here we would like to reveal what the shape of your fingernails say about you, as a person.

#1 The Vertically-long Nail

You are a calm person with an imaginative mind. Even-tempered and gentle, you are a creative soul. This makes you quite observant and you see things that others may ignore. Further, it makes you pay attention to details, tending towards perfection. Given all these qualities, you are more on the romantic side of things than logical. A dreamer perhaps, with a taste for life. 

#2 The Broad-sided Nail

You may be a bit short-tempered, but you rarely lose your temper completely. You are a thinker by nature and that allows you to have a better grip on your emotions. The best aspect of your personality is your frank and straightforward nature, which means that those who appreciate it, understand you, and those who don't, better stay away from you. You are the sort of person who is respected because you'd rather speak the harsh truth than sugar coat a lie.

#3 The Round Nail

You have a jovial and a happy personality. You are usually relaxed, not because there's no worry in your life but, because you have things under control. Being a laid-back sort of person, you usually find a better way of solving a problem and are generally one with an idea which is 'out of the box'. Sensitive in your thought, you always present the smiling side of yourself, but never the one that is hurting, which takes a lot of courage. When life gets tough for you, you smile and fight back, head on.

#4 The Round-egg Nail

A hopeless romantic with a childlike innocence, your personality is simply a delight. A pacifist by nature, you don't indulge in petty behavior. If someone doesn't appreciate you for who you are, you simply walk away (it's their loss). You are not the one to stoop low as you know your worth, and if there's one thing you love the most, it's the happiness of people who are in your life.

5. The Square Nail

Guts and glory are what make you, you. A natural born leader, you inspire through example, but you are the kind who takes people along rather than using them as stepping stones for success. You may appear serious on the surface, but you are actually quite good-natured and humble. Glory is the way to be but you are one of those rare people who doesn't chase it but accept it with humility.

#6 The Triangular Nail

You are the smart one in any group, aren't you? Sharp, shrewd and alert, you always pay attention to details, especially the behavior of other people, as you believe that you can understand people more through their actions than words. You never take the truth for granted and you always look for evidence before coming to a conclusion or making a hasty decision. You may get upset at times but you rarely show that. The one thing that defines you perfectly is that you'd rather be known for what you do than what you say.

#7 The Inverted-triangular Nail

Ah! the unique one. You are a mixed bag of personality traits. You are calm and impulsive at the same time. You can be warm as a blanket but also cold as ice if you want to be. You live for the extremes and aren't interested in mediocrity. It's all or nothing for you and that is what makes you such a perfectionist. Further, this also makes you the person who would lay down their lives for those they love but can also walk away without a second glance if your trust is betrayed.

#8 The Almond nail


The one quality that defines you perfectly is loyalty. You are the kind of person who can be trusted without a doubt and in turn, you also expect trust from others. This, therefore, makes you understand what it takes to be loyal and to gain someone's trust. The one thing that you can't stand for is betrayal and manipulation. Polite yet firm, you have a way of simplifying things that others may find intimidating and that is what makes you so incredible at handling even the most difficult situations.

#9 The Sword nail

True to this feature, you live your life as if on the edge of a sword. Forever balancing the extremes, you are quite adept at finding the midway. You would make for a perfect diplomat as you understand how to handle a situation delicately. Another aspect which makes you stand apart is that you are not comfortable being in your comfort zone and you keep challenging the boundaries to grow. It is also evident in your romantic life as you need a partner who challenges you. It's not easy being you but there's no one better who could pull off your life than you, yourself.

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