Putin about to prove aliens exist, but Trump won't: Conspiracy theorist

Putin about to prove aliens exist, but Trump won't: Conspiracy theorist

Stephen Bassett took a trip to Russia in the hopes that Vladimir Putin would become the first world leader to admit the existence of aliens amongst us.

To quote famous science fiction writer Sir Arthur C Clarke: "Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both equally terrifying." While there isn't a concrete answer to whether there is indeed alien life out there in the cosmos, few conspiracy theorists believe that they are, in fact, right here on Earth. If there's any credence to their theory, then aliens have been working alongside the US and other world governments since 1947—when the infamous Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico set believers into a frenzy.

The Roswell incident holds the honor of being "the world's most famous and exhaustively investigated UFO," and has been debunked several times over the decades, with the US military repeatedly claiming that the supposed UFO was merely a nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul.

The Roswell incident was attributed to a nuclear test surveillance balloon (Source: Wikipedia)

Nevertheless, the incident continues to interest ufologists who believe the army was involved in a cover-up operation and that extraterrestrial occupants were recovered from the crash.

Bassett is the chief executive of PRG (Source: Wikipedia)

One such vocal theorist is Steve Bassett, the chief executive of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), and is the only registered lobbyist on the issues of 'aliens' and 'UFO disclosure' in the US. He believes that the government has been working alongside aliens to develop new technologies and information regarding the same has been suppressed by a worldwide 'truth embargo.'

Bassett believes there's a truth embargo (Source: Garuda)

Asked why the government would keep such a massive discovery away from the public eye, he suggested the aliens' existence would impact religion, the rule of law, and the fossil fuel economy. He also believes that no US official will admit to the truth embargo as it would 'expose the constitutional breach' that had been going on for decades.

Secretive operations in the US are called Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP), with alien collaborations categorized under these. Bassett told The Express: "They do not even acknowledge the existence of these projects, even the president, White House, and Congress, may not know they are going ahead, but this is a major constitutional breach, and so to admit to it now, would expose years of this breach."

Bassett hopes Putin reveals (Source: Pinterest)

Convinced that President Donald Trump would not listen to his grievances, Bassett took a trip to Russia in the hope that Vladimir Putin would break the so-called embargo and admit to the world that aliens were amongst us.

(Source: Ren TV)

His gamble seemingly paid off. Bassett underwent extensive interviews in May with journalist Natalia Pryguina and was given airtime on Ren-TV, one of Russia's most-watched networks that boasts of a 120 million viewer base. While in Moscow, he also meetings with former Soviet and Russian military and agency officials to address 'extraterrestrial phenomena issues' in the country.

Excerpts from the interview have now been aired on the program Most Shocking Hypotheses (самые шокирующие), a paranormal and alternative documentary series hosted by Russian celebrity Igor Prokopenko. Prokopenko asserts Mr. Bassett's claims that revealing the existence of aliens would crash the world economy.

(Source: Ren TV)

He also says that alien technologies are already available, but not accessible to the masses because of the aforementioned truth embargo. He also talks about how alien craft does not use oil, gasoline, or coal, but a more complicated and deeper system that is 'anti-gravitational.'

He said: "Some programs were removed from the jurisdiction of the White House and Congress, and are being worked on somewhere, very, very deep, in a 'black manner.' Only the people engaged in it know about this. This is a direct violation of the Constitution. I can assure you that when a head of state will finally admit this fact formally and will present the evidence, people will be worried, they will want to learn more."

(Source: Ren TV)

A spokesman for PRG hoped that the broad range of topics which Bassett discussed might prompt the Russian president to make 'the first formal acknowledgment by a head of state regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.' 

Asked about how the existence of aliens could possibly lead to the collapse of the fossil fuel economy, Bassett told The Express that the extraterrestrials had shared 'anti-gravity flight technology' with the US government that would make current vehicles obsolete.

Will Donald Trump reveal the existence of aliens? (Source: Pinterest)

With Trump recently declassifying decades-old, sensitive documents regarding JFK's assassination, Bassett, and other believers will hope that he finally answers the question: Are we really alone?

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