How beautiful and funny belly paintings became a thing with expectant mothers

How beautiful and funny belly paintings became a thing with expectant mothers

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful feelings and who wouldn't want to capture that memory? You may have seen people clicking pictures during their pregnancy in order to make the moment last, however, this new trend tries to step away from the usual and gives the expectant mother a memory that she will cherish and relive, every time she sees the picture. 

Recently, the new trend of belly painting hit the world and we bet you would not have seen anything so beautiful before. The entire process is extremely safe and does not harm the mother or the child in any way. With the use of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved paints, the expectant mothers can now paint their bellies and let their pictures be unique and fun. Since these paints are specially designed for the skin, you can be sure that they are what every mother-to-be should try! Here are some of the most amazing works that we came across.

#25 Peekaboo! 

#24 The wait is worth it. 

#23 You can be sure that this one is bringing a lot of adventure!

#22 This one is on its way 

#21 The gift is about to be unwrapped! 

#20 The occasion calls for a treat! 

#19 When the friendly monsters decide to pay a visit 

#18 Stork is bringing a little surprise! 

#17 The mother-child relationship is the purest of all 

#16 Isn't this just adorable? 

#15 Those kicks and turns must be making the waves 

#14 Pumpkin that breathes life 

#13 She sure is eager to meet the little bunny 

#12 When the union is not far away 

#11 This Kanga is perfectly nested 

#10 Tik - Tok, the time is here! 

#9 This naughty monkey 

#8 This Halloween...a surprise will hit their home 

#7 As adorable as a baby panda 

#6 Uh-Oh! 

#5 Calm and beautiful like the night sky 

#4 When an angel is fast asleep 

#3 That watermelon comes with a little surprise 

#2 This one seems like a big treat 

#1 The moment everyone was waiting for! 


There is no doubt that belly paintings are taking over the world by storm and they bring with them a feeling of joy and contentment which leaves us speechless. We sure would suggest this to others! What about you? 

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