7 genetic mutations that stunned doctors and scientists (Warning: Graphic images)

7 genetic mutations that stunned doctors and scientists (Warning: Graphic images)

Once in a blue moon, we find certain genetic anomalies that make us question our science. These mutations occur seemingly at random and there are rarely answers for why they did. Here are seven rare instances of mutations that shocked the scientific community. 

1) Foot with a Nipple (Brazil)

In a truly unusual incidence, a woman in Brazil complained of an outgrowth on her feet which turned out to be a nipple with all its related features including hair follicles. This is the first and only reported case of a nipple on a foot.

Foot with a Nipple, Brazil


2) Cyclops Baby (India)

Cyclopia is a rare chromosomal disorder and a girl child was born in 2006 who suffered from this mutation. The medical reports suggested that this may have happened due to an experimental cancer treatment.

Cyclop Baby, India


3) The Largest Hand (China)

Macrodactyly, yet another rare mutation caused the hand of a man, Lui Hua, to expand phenomenally. His index finger and thumb measured 12 inches and 10 inches respectively and it took 20 surgeons over seven hours to reduce the size of the hand to acceptable levels.

The Largest Hand, China


4) Three-Handed Baby (China)

Born in 2006, this child had a rare condition and was born with a fully developed third arm. The doctors operated and the third arm was successfully removed. The child will, however, require regular physiotherapy and other help for normal functioning.

Three Handed Baby, China


5) Backward Facing Feet (China)

Wang Fang, in China, was born with her feet facing backward. Quite an unusual occurrence, she has, however, learned to deal with her condition and does not even consider herself disabled. She refuses disability cheques from the government and is an example of overcoming insurmountable odds.

Backward Facing Feet, China


6) Man with a tail (India)

Born with a tail, which is an extension of a vestigial organ in the lower back, this man became an instant celebrity with people coming in from all over to have a look at him. Though it is not a life-threatening condition, he has been refused marriage by women, multiple times, due to his unusual case.

Man with a tail, India


7) Frog Baby (Nepal)

Suffering from a rare disease, anencephaly, this child was born without a discernible neck and the brain was not completely formed either. Though the baby died within hours of birth, it reflected the unusual way in which nature works, leaving even  medical professionals stunned.

Frog Baby, Nepal

These are some of the rarest instances of mutation which is not as common as it appears. The genetic mutations take a long time to come into effect and many generations pass without even feeling the effect of it. So you need not worry about such conditions and can take a relieving breath.