30 pics that make you think, "This doesn't look too good..."

30 pics that make you think, "This doesn't look too good..."

Photos were taken in daily life that shows the efforts of people who just can't get it right

Some people just don't get the idea of doing a normal everyday thing like its supposed to be done, let alone the symmetry. These 30 instances are proof. If you're someone who believes that fails are miracles given by God for the joy of others who watch, you will enjoy these well-timed, bizarre photos.

30. Is this car being taken up a hill?

29. Misplaced artworks will be killed

28. We all know what this is

27. Big Brother is watching

26. Pie ruined

25. Maybe he needs to watch his back

24. Bad luck knows no country

23. Someone's hungry kids

22. Breathe, this is totally fine

21. The 2 just didn't fit

20. Time to put up your cousin for sale

19. If this looks right to you, you are a potato

18. Thor's hammer is no match for this one

17. When she says, we need to do things differently

16. Some people need classes on how to spend their excess money

15. This can don't want you to drink it

14. All that math and he still got it wrong


13. Looks like someone needed some air

12. What is the point of this?

11. When you really need to get the message across, what's a little snow

10. When you are too philosophical and only live in the present

9. Someone give this guy a medal..on his face

8. Something is not right

7. Tallied the earbuds, they have definitely been here for a while

6. This driver was a tiny bit extra

5. Perhaps this sandwich was why they said go vegan

4. Defeated by an inch

3. Least you can do is get this right, come on!

2. When you fail an exam and end up comparing them with your friends

1. Who makes this?

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