30 hilarious images that prove cartoons defy any and all logic

30 hilarious images that prove cartoons defy any and all logic

While we have grown, there are a few of our beloved cartoons that have not aged too well. Whether it's by design or by error, it's hilarious nonetheless.

Watching cartoons was a significant part of most of our childhood; who doesn't remember rushing home from school, throwing off your shoes and bags, and plopping yourself in front of the TV in anticipation of your favorite shows? As a result, we fondly reminisce about those days, yearning for them to come back, so we can enjoy them in all our innocence.

Going back and rewatching them rarely constitutes a good idea. Mostly because they'll be different from how you remembered them and it will ruin what was once a fond memory but also because there were so many hidden innuendos (whether on purpose or not we'll never know) that will mean you won't enjoy them as much. Here are 30 stills from famous cartoons that serve to boggle the mind:

#30 Must have been a modernized jungle, the animals could speak after all

#29 They did make great friends!

#28 A question that has crossed all our minds

#27 This one is actually endearing

#26 That is what they are meant for, right?

#25 One of the great mysteries of life

#24 Zazu was low-key the MVP

#23 It did feel oddly incestuous

#22 That shirt must have been a really, really tight fit

#21 Brian does not take s*** from anyone

#20 Major red flag

#19 The Flinstones were setting a precedent in the stone ages

#18 Beggars can't be choosers

#17 How did a mouse have a cat's number so many times?

#16 Scrooge McDuck was always a weird one

#15 The creators of Spongebob took the p*** out of our unassuming nature

#14 How else do you find your way to a man's heart?

#13 Can you be more loveable than Spongebob?

#12 Well, scissors does beat paper

#11 Can't blame a kid for wanting a chocolate skateboard

#10 Maybe he has four ears?

#9 Maggi is Illuminati confirmed

#8 It's a recurring theme where characters listen to music with their eyes

#7 Dora, wat is u doing?

#6 Hey Arnold! With that existential humor

#5 So, their heads could technically be used as weapons?

#4 Maybe he liked it short?

#3 Ariel was always a weird one

#2 Only in the fairytales, kids

#1 Brutal

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