30 funny face swaps that can really mess with your head

30 funny face swaps that can really mess with your head

Ever since face swaps became a thing, internet trolls have been having their way with it, and with some fairly spectacular results.

The advent of photoshop changed photo editing forever and gave professionals a one-in-all tool that they could manipulate to get the result that they wanted with minimal fuss. However, it has also given internet trolls the ability to churn out memes at a scary pace; not that we're complaining, of course. One such meme format that has had many laughing in stitches is the face swap, and we've collected 30 of the best:


#29 Santa wanted a prettier baby

#28 'What's up, amigo?'

#27 Is there really a face swap here?

#26 Baby is tired of yo s***

#25 What are the odds the baby's going to get into punk rock as well?

#24 'This ain't ma baby'

#23 Oh God, what have I done?

#22 * internal screaming *

#21 The brow game is strong in this one

#20 We wonder how much an exorcism costs?

#19 The face that gives no f****

#18 You talkin' to me?!

#17 Before election vs after election

#16 Ba ba black sheep have you any wool?

#15 Duck face supreme

#14 Baby want no Santa

#13 But first, lemme take a selfie

#12 They said a bow could make anything cuter. They lied


#10 Nose job done right

#9 Messi after evading his taxes successfully

#8 My eyes are up here

#7 Potato

#6 My eyes are up here (part 2)

#5 Is that Gordon Ramsay?

#4 Imma whoop yo a** with that spoon

#3 The 70s called, they want their fashion back

#2 Kendrick Lamar, is that you?

#1 Yeah, he most definitely just s*** his pants

All images have been sourced from acidcow.com

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